{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

i sit today across from him in the library. my mind wonders about the bed factor. i notice how good he smells, and how quiet he sleeps. i sit and wonder just how good he would be.

caddy (cathy) {paige8978@excite.com}


today i have been at work. steadily working thru my monotonous but important job. today is the first day after two of my best friends decided to quit their marriage (well, the decision was more his than hers). i knew this was coming. he had told me about a week ago. and i couldn't tell her because it's none of my business and he is my friend too.

today is the morning after i arrived at their condo to console her. she didn't ask me to come - he did. but i would have gone to her anyway.

i've never seen her cry before. and almost didn't expect her to last night. but her pain overwhelmed her usual strength (if you can call stuffing your emotions deep inside "strength"). i wish i could have done more for her.

i know they will be better as time passes.

i know i will be better as time passes too.

so today i concentrated on my monotonous job to keep my brain moving forward and away from last night.

lulu {lulu@mindspring.com}

today i am a post adolescent who spent too much time reliving the past. i sit alone in an apartment belonging to a lover. surrounded by pictures and letters from his other lovers past. present. future. who knows. i am greatful for fray.com... i haven't cried in a while and although few tears fell for my past, it was a release. a much needed release. i know it may not come again anytime soon. thank you d.

dane {dane11@fcmail.com}


Right now I am a race car. Vroom, vroom. Driving around in an endless loop, wondering if I can take a pit stop once in a while and still win. Now I have wings. I am a bat, a fruit bat, with super sonar. I can detect insects, objects, and morons in my immediate area. There are some around now-I can even see them!They're flat and black with white writing. Hiding behind a pane of glass, taking everything I say seriously. Then take this-FART!-and be gone. Hope your day is now complete...


Today i sit here bored as hell. I have to take a leak... Should I go? I dont know. Maybe I should just stay so the intensity takes my boredom away. The dilema is mind boggling. Tears come to my eyes...Am I sad or just filling up? I will have to wait and see.



I'm here

I'm alive

that's good enough

Jobe {jobe@slag.net}

Today is yesterday, tomorrow, and as far as I can tell, wednesday two weeks ago too. My location? Well, my sense of that is in the same place as my sense of time. In a garbage can in some anonymous bus terminal, with a junkie vomitting in it. Fucking junkies, they always have to puke on my sense of time. It's a bitch to clean up, believe you me.

This is just another cubicle in the world. Another day of wondering where I'll be sleeping after work. If I'll have a home or be sleeping on the street. I don't have things figured out, and I'm not sure that I want to. When I have a somewhat decent paying job, but no home, then something is fundamentally screwed up. Especially considering that I had a home when I was unemployed.

So I sit, wait, kill more time and life, and wait for something to happen.

-Mimsey The Maladjusted Demon

Luke Kuchar {Mimsey909@hotmail.com}


Today I watch Blue Angels fly outside my office window. I'm speaking literally of course, it's Fleet Week here in San Francisco.

Today I feel pretentious, perusing the brilliant screenplay I haven't started yet. Damn, that Kurt Vonnegut's a good writer.

Today I love my girlfriend, even though she's in Ann Arbor. Some day I'll call her Doctor. A lot of people will.

For someone, somewhere, today will be a day to remember. For me, today will join a thousand yesterdays that I can't quite recall.


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