{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

I'm in Llangrannog, west Wales. I spent too many hours exploring fray.com last night. Hope you're having a fine time in your beautiful city.

Llongyfarchiadau ar eich trydedd pen-blwydd!

nick {afonc@hotmail.com}


Today I am at the office. A poor sap, you might say, but I am here of my own volition. I have things I'd like to do here and things I'd also like to do there, but I can only be at one place at any given time. Yet what this medium gave to me, gave to you, gave to all of us is that we do not have to choose between here and there anymore. Today I choose to be at work, at home, rather than telling stories with my friends in San Francisco.

Yet, here I am, telling this story to my friends in San Francisco.

Happy {fray} day, Derek. I will be tuning in, so do sing a song for me!

Alexis Massie {alexis@afterdinner.com}

Today I'm in the middle of buttfuck Iowa, going to school to learn how to tell stories that aren't true. Today they started harvesting the corn, cutting down fields of dried stalks that sound like applause when the wind blows. Today I have to go outside periodically to let the sun thaw my bones from the chill inside. And today I wonder why I'm here, and not (anywhere else).



I'm in the Boston area. Arlington to be precise. I stayed up until about 4am this morning working, so today has overall, been a rather lazy, sleepy day for me. I've always enjoyed the Fray stories, wishing I were more of a contributor than merely a lurker and a reader.

Enjoy your day. :)


sooz {susan@spy.net}

Today I went to the movies alone which I always prefer. I can feel however I want and not have to concern myself with anyone elses entertainment. Went to buy an "Alpha" CD but the tower in my area doesnt carry it. I went to the nursery and bought some wierd looking daisy plants to put near the front door. I took a break to check my mail and now I am sharing my day. The windchimes are tinkling and a sense of fall lingers in the breeze. Its good to be quiet here in my room.

Dana Chrisler {dana@impalalinear.com}


Today I am at my home, alone. Wishing that my homework was finished and out of my mind.

I've got the taste of apple juice in my mouth, and I just burned some rice. whee!

Wish I were in San Francisco! :)

Congratulations on fray day 3!

Sarah {sarah@got.net}

Today I am in Ipswich, East of England, in my newly rented house, surrounded by recently disinterred boxes which contain the accumulated detritus of my last fifteen years. I am spending my time sorting through old photos and love letters, listening to albums I had forgotten I owned but to which I still remember all the lyrics, leafing through old books which seem like old friends, perusing school reports from my high school days which uncannily prophecy exactly the path my life has taken, and wondering where exactly the last fifteen years went, where they have been leading me, and hoping against hope that it isn't here and now, and that it is somewhere far, far more interesting, challenging and friendly.

Scott Andrews {melmoth@csi.com}


I am staying up late, searching the net for anything and everything... I have just realized I canīt stop using "snus", a swedish type of tobacco that is put under the lip, a bit like chewing tobacco. Itīs hard to realize that one is under control of a drug. Ok, I know there are heavier drugs than nicotine, but anyway. Lifeīs a matter of balance and right now there is some weights needed to be placed somewhere else...

Bjoern Eriksson {nowerik@algonet.se}

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