{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

Where am I today? Who am I right now?

It is 6:40p Pacific time, and I'm at home in Seattle. A little while ago, I dropped my beautiful girlfriend off at the ferry. And a little while from now, I'll be going in to work.

I kind of wish I were in San Francisco to hear Adam tell some stories, but on the other hand, I wouldn't miss all this for the world.

S. Ben Melhuish {sben@pile.org}


I'm here, at school in Boston. I wish I could be part of the celebration, but that wasn't meant to be for this year. I'm content. I went out with a really nice guy today and I'm trying to change my deeply rooted belief that I am not worth a damn thing. Maybe he can help me. My roommate is at home and I'm going home tomorrow because it's my mom's birthday. Maybe things will start looking up. Maybe I can believe.

Star {sulkingblackstar@hotmail.com}

sitting mile high in albuquerque nm, usa. cooking green chili stew, listening to cool jazz, and trying to think up the next great web idea.

happy b-day fray!

you've always been an inspiration!

kreed {kreed@highfiber.com}


i am HERE at my desk as usual, waiting for isaac from www.funkywhiteboy.com to get here so we can hit the road towards SF. Its going to be a long 100 miles since we will be fighting traffic to get to the Fray on time. wish the rest of you could make it as well.

thephil {thephil@cultfiction.com}

we're in plainfield (western) mass. We are in our newly inherited shantee in the woods taking a brake from digging through piles of someone elses shit with the occasional Grannies treasure. We live happily among the piles and paint fumes

joyfully surprised to find the opurtunity to wish the fray a happy day...

today we are so we, we could puke.

Dan and Amy {danl@javanet.com}


Just woke up from a two hour spontaneous nap--quite the feat for an insomniac. (My roommate and I went on a freakin' cleaning frenzy in the Kitchen.) Yes, I am too lazy to hop my ass in the car up to San Francisco. But, as I am the biggest computer geek in the closet, I will be listening from home.

Just letting everyone know that {fray} reminds me on a daily basis that we are all strangely connected. So, happy birthday to us all!


-T {t4tessa@hotmail.com}

I'm in Iowa, going on 730 days now. Far, far too long. I came here for school, but now that's changed. Now it's something else. Just what it's become though, I'm not sure.

The cool night air is blowing in and it feels wonderful. She is in the other room playing music and talking to herself and I love her for it.

In the kitchen is some chili made with TVP or tofu or some other vegetarian deal and it's delicious. In a moment I'm going to eat some of it with some nice bread I bought earlier.

I don't have a clue who I am.

daniel {daniel@r5i.com}


I'm at a crossroads of words and worlds. My present, more than ever, is a knife- edge between a past made obsolete by circumstance, and a held-breath future.

Where next? A direction.

nick s {nick.sweeney@jesus.ox.ac.uk}

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