{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

Saturday >> Celebrating Mabon: Elaine's homemade hummus; the long-missing feeling of connectedness; the absence of my boyfriend, whom I'm trying to break up with if we haven't already, again unavailable; meeting someone who was at the scene of the motorcycle accident my coworker and friend was in, who saw the leg he lost; the first time really participating in a drumming circle, and having all the band lessons from 5th - 7th grade come rushing back, becoming useful. Finding space.

Sunday >> The need to be alone: the roommates out at a ham radio fest; one and a half garbage bags of flyers, old magazines, little plastic bits, papers and print-outs being tossed out from my bedroom; the cloth wallhanging I bought at the beginning of summer finally going up; hot apple cider spiced with cinnamon and orange peels; putting together a new bookshelf. Ordering space.

Monday >> Office: A sore neck from sleeping, sore thighs where I cradled the drum; sifting through email for an hour and a half; hearing the latest news on my friend's recovery. Feeling awake for the first time in a long while.

Jason {jason@vis.nu}


Right now, I'm kicking back at my desk, taking a break from optimizing photographs of skimpily-clad nymphettes for a web project. I'm eating M&M's and drinking my 3rd of 8 projected glasses of water today, and noticing that even if I do hold my new wireless keyboard in my lap, the size of my belly is starting to really get in the way. The doctor's appointment is in an hour. And no, Dr. J., I'm not taking my vitamins. They taste like shit and they're big as suppositories.

I am, however, eating my yogurt.

Last night, Patrick and I spent an hour putting together the crib, downstairs, only to have to take it apart again halfway up the stairs to the bedroom because the damn thing wouldn't turn the corner. And then we sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the finished product, laughing and giggling and crying and hugging and... oh, dear, we're so ready for this...

Saturday night, on our first anniversary, I was staring, transfixed, from the balcony of the 9:30 Club in DC, watching Tricky take the stage the way I've never seen a stage be taken before. The man is brilliant.

Friday... Well, Friday night we stood in the middle of a pitch-black forest, watching the sky after moon-set, remembering a night a year ago when we could see the Milky Way.

It's been the best year of my life. It's been the best weekend of the best year of my life. The only thing that would have made it better might have been joining the party in SF.

All is right with the world today :-)

--Maggy {maggy@kia.net}

as everyone does at least a few times a week, i think im going crazy

i lost two gerbils

i keep breaking things

i spent four hours mixing the perfect paint, i didnt use it

my head is spinning i feel dizzy

nightmares plague me, i fall off my hammock every night

i tried to passively murder my guinea pig by feeding him to my 12 cats, it didnt work, they were afraid of him

i cant bring myself to turn the station from public radio, im addicted

warren beatty and donald trump want to run for president, what the fuck

im cold, im dizzy

i dont do drugs anymore but i feel insanely high, i cant see straight, im shaking

and im late for my class

i have to go learn about bugs

Eve {skyefraggle@theglobe.com}


sitting at work contemplating the difference between my life and the real world...


saturday we had a little shindig of our own that turned from indian curry over rice into a brutal 2am poker war followed by some even more ruthless games of hearts.

the lazy sunday afternoon began at 1:30 when i realized that there were two 1's the last time i looked at the clock.

today is a bitch. i've returned to worrying about where my check went (it's supposed to buy me a macintosh, but it's now in the postal ether). the system administration people are being morons. and i don't feel like critiquing typography for the next 3 hours.

jason {jyee@argon18.com}


I'm at my desk, jockeying phones, pushing paper, working my asse off... and looking for another job between calls :-)...

dex {dex@latitude11.com}

i am at the opposite end of the country from where i want to be today. i have come to this shore to release a lot of garbage from my soul and give it to the ocean i love least, on the coast i love least, with the sun setting on the wrong side of me. i have come here to say goodbye . . .

before i could let go, i had to tell a story that started with something and ended with something else and the first time i read it to myself after writing it i realized who i am for real . . . before i could go and let go all of it finally, i wanted to tell the story, because i have every intention of forgetting it . . .

and by next fray day, i will have a whole new story to tell . . . and the sun will be setting in the proper place . . .



i am in the space between the drop and the pond.

anna fielding {fffads@ims-1.com}

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