{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

Not in Texas, not in Maine. Missouri, not Aruba, but going back there soon. Not in pain. Not alone. Not in bed. The edge of this chair, leaning.

Dan {dlsmithsmspress@hotmail.com}


Absentmindedly reminiscing about the long w/e I just had in San Fran. My pal Cindy told me bout this site. I'm in Toronto, Canada. Brr. My chilly home. Listening to LAMB in the headphones. At work, at my desk with the stock ticker on in the corner of the PC. In my chinos & new black sweater, inside myself as ever. Ever aware my schedule is beside me on the desk - over by the mac. Running from myself again. Reading e-mail from the "great guy" my roomate says i just must meet. Wondering if she's right. Wondering even more if I will be ok if I don't research the answer to that one for myself. Alone, but not lonely, not today anyway. Damn it! Just stopped hiccupping & now i'm sneezing. Enough of that! Time to take my vitamins now.

Sher {lovetoloveyoubaby@chickmail.com}

Sitting in front of one of the computers in the office. Feeling drained of creative energy. Not knowing what to do next. I have deadlines to meet, things to write, draw, type...
I have ideas on pieces of papers everywhere--on the floor of my room, in the computer room, at school, at work. Everywhere.
Stomach's telling me something, but I'm stuck here 'til I'm done. You could call it procrastination, I'd call it enjoying life.
Speaking of which, I hear the phone ringing. And people say Toronto is a boring city. I think not.

arv {cruelone@hotmail.com}


Today I'm sipping rain snapple, with hopes of nice cold dropplets of rain on my face...

And today I'm wondering if my court date will go well, so I can live without fear in my small little city too far from San fransico because I cant afford a car...

But most of all today I'm lazy and in love, hoping for some type of exit from waking up with strainuous responsibilities, and meaningless music on the radio...where's my Portishead?

Sabrina {leftycat@hotmail.com}

Today, or should I say tonight Im sitting in the dark swedish autumn night. The leafs are falling and so am I.

ralf fredriksson {ralf.fredriksson@gavle.mail.telia.com}


i'm at my workstation...idling...i've been reading stories from the fray and admiring your layout design capabilities...derek i think i saw you once at the san francisco airport. that was the time i finally gazed at the man who's behind all these things that are no less than wonderful. i can't wait to start my semester at the foggy city. i'm coming home soon...

Lorelei {porcelina@collegeclub.com}

sitting in a lab at school surfing the net while I should be writting a paper due tomorrow and wanting to be in Texas with my cat.



This is a great series. here in downtown NYC today- finding more things at which to laugh- am quite chipper even though I have a reason to be sad. striving to never cease to amaze and amuse myself and others. never been to San fran- maybe fray is a good reason. off to the eternal city and then the cresent city soon- gotta get out of gotham for a while

TDN {quiff76@hotmail.com}

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