{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

i'm in northfield, minnesota. i spent this afternoon reading a german novel and wishing i was outside instead, and tonight i will watch a movie for shakespeare and then go celebrate a friend's 21 birthday. i will also celebrate the fray's birthday, but i will not tell any of them that.

congratulations, derek, and all the rest of you fray-ers. i wish i was in san fran with you.

aggie {donkara@carleton.edu}


As is true of each of the previous 500 plus days past, I am here in Maryland. Outside Washington DC. But today, I am more free than I have ever been in so many years past. My studio "fore" is now a reality and my rep is getting the type of clients that do not want me to use my abilities as an professional creative to lie for them.

This day I listen to music from everywhere that is found in the heart. Today while looking at the Maryland sky through sunglasses I was able to see three rainbows in a blue gentle blue sky. Today for the first time in along time, I wished to be kissed by someone who adores cicero as much as my soul. Fore

forest book {FHBook@worldnet.att.net}

Yeah. another wkndy spent between traffic getting to two (count em)waterpolo games (my two sons') and frenetic meth cooks driving to refuge in the woods n water of the Ozark mountains. Yeah, St. Louis traffic on a Saturday; can't even buy a doughnut without countless redlights, pretty brunettes in convertibles wanting to mall, n me n meDell's worst keyboard trying to finish a story that has no ending. Otherwise: Carefree, quiet, reasonably happy, Independently Wealthy...there's no way I'd fight traffic to SF for a party. Not from the Great Midwaste. Not even for doughnuts. Now getting to the Nevada desert is another thing altogether. To see Andrea, may be. O for a burning piano! Keep up the fray! Happy birthday, and thanks for inviting me.

dan {dlsmithsmspress@hotmail.com}


Today I sit here, as happy as I have ever been in my whole life. I sit here thinking of the one person I love, knowing now that I am loved too...It has been a great day......

It is still unknown to me.....

It's 3:00 am in Hamburg, Germany, where I'm on a professional exchange, far away from my home in Chicago (although unexpectedly, Hamburg and Chicago are sister cities, whatever that means.) Happy bday to the fray, where I'm a long time reader, first time poster. It's a spot where I enjoy lingering, ogling at the design, and sharing with anyone who will listen to me, including my students. Glückwünsche!

Warren Cohen {wjcohen@mindspring.com}


i'm in portland, maine, hanging off the edge of the other side of the country. happy birthday to the fray. seems like you were just 2.

bonnie {bblythe@javanet.com}

I am home...sick as a dog. The man I love is at the Fray party with his ex girlfriend..oh the horror of it all. I would have liked to come to the party. I think it would have been healing for me. It's been a rough year. The stories people have shared on the Fray site have inspired me to keep living.



I'm at home after a long day of entertaining at children's birthday parties, dressed as Disney characters. Thank the Goddess it's my last day. I'd hoped to be in San Francisco with the Fray gang, but it couldn't be helped.

Happy Third B-day, Fray...!

mirmaid {mirmaid@mirla.net}

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