{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

I'm at 2050 Bryant, at Fray Day, and I'm having a blast! Thanks Derek!

Dig Adam's purple shirt!

joshua bruce {joshua@badass.net}


I'm in my apartment, just home from a night spent watching football and playing games with friends.

And now I'm listening to Fray Day Three.

The world really is full of impressive people. My friends, your friends, the Fray's friends. Wow.

Oh, and I'm in love with the voice of the man who sang about the avacado.....

Cat {heitchue@umich.edu}

Today I tried on wedding dresses for the first time in my life (a thoroughly disheartening experience). Today I played guitar and sang a song which I didn't write, but which moves me so much that I can sing it as if I had written it. Today I wondered if I am making all the right decisions, or if there are ever any "right" decisions to be made. Today I questioned my motivation, feared for my future, and wished I could just be a little girl again with nothing more to fear than a thunderstorm or the dark.

Tonight I sit in The Middle of Nowhere, Arizona. I think of my love, peacefully asleep in our bed in Germany. I think of my family, peacefully asleep in the rooms surrounding mine. I watch television and surf the Web and wander the dark house, avoiding my bed and the miserable restlessness I feel when I attempt to go to sleep myself. Tonight I envy the contentment of those around me.



I am home after a Richter-registering booty shaking. If I can't be at Fray Day, at least I can shake my storytelling butt where I am. Now I'm home. My pants are off, and the Fray party rages on!

Thank you Derek for the beauty and for the love.

Happy Birthday, Fray.

Halcyon {IMissTheFrayGang@lustmonkey.com}

A few todays ago I treated a friend to a movie. She said, "oh did you notice? Alex is gone." Alex who I asked? "Alexis Massie. She froze her site. No more updates." No. I hadn't noticed.

In fact it took a few seconds for my mind to register the name. Oh yeah. Alex. Didn't she kick me out of her Yahoo Club because I was being an A-1 jerk? Yea. That Alex. And I don't even recall why I was being a jerk but it seemed very important to me at the time.

So she's quit, has she? I once wondered when she'd figure it out. She bother saying why? "Not really." My friend said, "You should look at her site."

I haven't gone. I probably won't. She seemed very important to me at one time. I can't remember why.

Earlier today, just as tomorrow turned to today, I got a reminder email saying that Moments was updated.

I still have that update thing? I thought I turned that off. I shrugged.

I clicked over. Glanced at it. Strange. I used to like this stuff. Not just "her." All of it. That genre of personal webmaking that refused to be classified because it was too cool to be unclassifyable. I used to like it.

It used to be important to me, for some reason that completely escapes me now. I thought it was going somewhere. I had hopes it was going to make a difference somehow.

Guess we all gotta grow up some time, huh?

Now. Today. I get a message in email from yet another reminder list I guess I was too lazy to remove myself from.

Fray is three. Oh. That's nice. I hadn't been to Fray since it turned two.

I think, this can't be a coincidence that I'm being reminded of all this now. Again. When for months I just shelved that whole half-life of "journaling" and went on with my real one. Then I think.. yes. It is all a coincidence, and a pretty unimportant one at that.

It all seemed to matter at one time. I can't for the life of me recall why now.

Oh and by the way, this comes from a very small voice. A very small fish that used to swim in a very large pond. A fish that has no illusions as to how insignificant his congratulatory remarks are upon those still in that pond who have no interest in hearing them. A fish that knows this message will get buried somewhere around page nine and no one's going to read it anyway.

Happy birthday Fray. God speed.

I'm not at any party. Nobody likes having a wet blanket at their party. And no. I'm not important. I'm someone that some people thought might be important someday, but probably can't even remember my name now.

Funny how that works. Isn't it?

Zach Garland {zachsmind@yahoo.com}


I skipped the party for a Mogwai concert. It was well worth it. Now I'm going to sleep.

sterling {signal@empty.org}

At home after Fray Day. Drinking a creamy red birch beer at 2:11am...and wondering why I'm not in bed yet. Visions of the night whirling in my head. Lance's head-wedged-in-a-mailbox story, the accordian player who sang beautifully, the short drawings/movies/animations (...for lack of better words...which were brilliant contributions from ingredientx.com!),and the perspective and force of Tarin Towers.

I have more faith in humanity....which actually says a lot, if you knew me. Thank you!



I'm sitting in a cybercafe in Amsterdam (well-done modern decor, good coffee), nursing a crush on a woman I met two nights ago. Amsterdam has me charmed and not in any way I expected. For all the drugs, sex, and hedonism of it's reputation, this city has a subtle complexity that leaves me wanting more. I've never felt so comfortable so quickly in a city (besides San Francisco, my first true love) and that has me fantasizing about moving here.

Wanderlust has me by the balls lately. I just moved to New Orleans from San Francisco in April, even bought a house. A good friend back in SF, back home, calls New Orleans my mistress and San Francisco my wife. Is there room in the bed for Amsterdam?

So I'm thinking a lot about what it is to be home, what makes home for me. I'm not quite sure how a small town boy like myself has arrived here but suddenly I can see myself clearly as some sort of minor international businessman. A very appealing thought. But how does that fit in with my wanting marriage, children, home and hearth and so on?

Dont know. But I do know I'm coming back to Europe soon. And I do know that I want another cup of coffee.

Patrick {trick@whatever-works.com}

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