{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

i am at school, moving in, preparing for classes. struggling with the fact that my senior year is not starting out as wonderfully as i had planned. trying *so* hard to get over the first love (and very real heartbreak) of my life. figuring out the kind of person i am now and the kind of person i want to be.



Right now I am at work, eating a burrito, and waiting for the moment when I can leave and head over to a friend's party. Right now I am in Seattle, where tonight's air is warm and most people seem happy. Right now I'm thinking of the beautiful man I met last night and hoping he'll call. I broke my policy and gave him my number and now I'm doing exactly what I hate doing and why I instituted the policy in the first place -- waiting. The night is young, however, and remains to be seen. Right now I've had four hours of sleep in the past 36 hours and it's showing. Good night all; hope you're feeling at peace.

Kari {mistressk@hotbot.com}

today, i'm high ...24 ...unsure ...feeling alone in a world full of people. i hate when that happens.

.davina. {davina@imbroglio.net}


I'm just bored...with everything. With my whole life. And the more I analyze the things in it, to find out what's wrong, the more familiar it becomes and that drives me crazy. And I know I need to change something, to make it different, but I don't know how. And it's driving me crazy.

Jim {BrassTX@aol.com}

Right now I'm a bettor. It's my latest obsession, betting on football games.

Let me make a distinction here. There are bettors, and there are gamblers.

Gamblers love the rush. They want action. Every bet brings the thrill of a new risk, and the hope of a big win.

Bettors are a different breed. They're predators, methodically seeking an edge. Only when they have an edge will they pull the trigger. For a bettor, it's all about winning.

So I'm sitting at home, listening to a radio show from Vegas. I've done my homework, but I want a little confirmation that I made the right moves.

To be honest, I'm new at this. Only time will tell if I can rightly call myself a Bettor, or just another Gambler.



right now i'm wishing he knew. i'm sick of them all. i'm realizing that my sophomore year won't be anything special and that it can probably only get better.

i'm so tired of having to deal with it and having to live here.

melissa {melissa@coranspunx.zzn.com}

Where am I? Where are you?

I am here. Are you here too?

If you were here, I'd want to hang out with you...but since you're not here, there's nothing I can do.

Ok, enough. I'm on my computer. In Charlottesville, VA (aka Harlottesville). Listening to Jawbox, reading "Female Fetishism."







not san francisco.


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