{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

Im sitting here in class right next door to Beulla scared that she may barge in here to steel my chair that I have become to be quite fond of. Are my fears a reality or merely just my own imagination running away with me???




I am here in California. I am here in the World. I am anywhere, it doen't matter. Just as long as I am here..

N. Cognito

today is no longer fray day. however, i feel compelled to say where i am.

today i am sitting in front of a crappy school computer. but where am i?

not really here. i'm not exactly sure where i am. it's not as if there's anyplace i'd rather be but here (not necessarily in front of this computer, but just in general). and if i were to leave where i am today... would i lose him?

kirsten {firecoma@nizam.com}


I'm here, supposed to be purchasing computer and telephone switching equipment, but reading The Fray instead.


Today it's Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong. I am alone at home. It's not supposed to be like this, it's a festival which people go for their reunion with family. In fact it didn't bother me this evening, because I went to have dinner with my parents, but right now I am suddenly sick and I feel like hell that I really just want to put my head on a special someone's lap and feel his warmth and softness with him stroking my hair and tell me I will get well soon until I fall asleep. However, the fact is I don't even have this person in my life right now. Oh well!...z.z.z.z.ZZzz...z.zz.

kwan {ukjoe@netvigator.com}


I'm drinking Absinthe, freshly (illegally) imported from the Czech Republic.

I feel like I'm floating.

I still want to cry though.

Mithra {aramaic@hotbot.com}

I am no mood today, I cant tell the reason if you ask why... Just feeling so upset.. I feel so difficult to decide something, I know I had to do, but, I fail to do day by day.. Sorry to tell u all my bad mood, but, I really want to scream out loudly.... aiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyya!!!

nuinui {nuinui@hello.to}


I'm searching the vast and pointless world wide web for some character info for a part I have in "Our Country's Good." Can someone tell me if Dabby's boisterous or sarcastic?

Rachael {rachael@diaryland.com}

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