{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

Winter fall on us like bees, cold is like the sound they make, you hear it comes and then it's too late...i just find a nice place to avoid it.

ben {bdevilmorin@free.fr}


I got a new record today, by Fuzz Townshend. It has just about the coolest track on it, and it's really funky.


Damien {divan@seas.upenn.edu}

Cold and unhappy in switzerland, but better off than I've been for a long time.

theo {radiant@rosa.ch}


making Flash-animations in school, sore back, chipped nail polish, itīs grim up north..in Sweden.


Sitting in class, tense. Gotta leave, craving sustinence. JELLY BELLY! My house, beans, baby's house, lunch. Issues of food surrounding me today. Maybe soup, maybe sandwich, piece of fruit or ass after? Mini golf, balls, tongues, holes. Rivers and seas boling! Pizza tonite sounds good...

papPY smearF


i'm just damn bored and accidentally found this page.anyway i'm listening to red hot chili pepper.don't forget to buy the new red hot chili pepper new album "californication". MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

akiko azuma {a.akiko@chickmail.com}

I'm on a cross raods.. trying to make a big difficult decission that will change my life for good..how much sacrifice can one make for the sake a better future on the long run.. one that is not even guaranteed.

suhail {suhail72@hotmail.com}


I'm workin for a deadline..it's 1.30am and I have no fuckin clue what a world class website should be like(for this jewel of a product)..been given the specs and want to make it good real bad..love this place(where i work) we put in blood and if we dont deliver..someone else gets all the glory-cos they put in the money-and they jus polish this jewel which we built(sweat n blood) and put it out in the world as theirs


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