{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

Last night I lost someone I didn't realise how much I care for and love. And today, I'm on the Isle of Skye as she drives south, heading for Nottingham, with no way of contacting her and nothing to say anyway.

I hope anyone reading remembers how much they take for granted, and holds those things close to their hearts.

For it a dangerous time, a time of portents.

And we need all the love we can get.

iain {iain@sickpuppy.co.uk}


today i was at summer camp, working. i was dumped last friday and i needed to be surrounded by people a week later. today i was at my x boyfriend's returning his stuff and i found a note from his (presumably) current girlfriend about why he couldn't be there to see me. then i was driving 90 mph down to my college to get to work on time. and now i am at work, in a freezing cold computer lab, reading and writing and trying to forget but really working on the statement for my next emotional outburst at him tomorrow.

mary ann

Sitting in my new flat somewhere on the horizon of London, along with beauty and cuteness.

Finally free of the guilt that has plagued me for over a year. So now I'm wondering how it's all going to turn out and if my business will suceed or if I'll have to join the commuters trooping past our flat every day.

I'm enjoying every day because life is good!

Dominic {dom@alternativa.co.uk}


Today I just came back from the hot springs near Steven's Pass, Wa. Lonely when I arrived, five minutes later I was talkig to a beatiful naked goddess named Kim. Freshly divorce I am, so hanging out with friendly people sharing wine and herb made life pretty special. I am not sure what heaven's like, but it can't be far from this place. Peace.

Derek {dujardinda@aol.com}

Today, I'm in my Los Angeles studio apartment thinking about how to connect with someone beyond superficial chitchat. I should spend less time watching porn, less time watching Springer, less time wallowing in indecision and more time creating something special. Congrats on your 3rd B-day Derek and friends. The Fray is beautiful.

maroon {marooned@altavista.net}


I am sitting in my usual pile of skin and bone in south London looking for the good fortune in my life. I see that I am lucky to have art in my thoughts, a big comfy sofa for a snuggle and candles to bathe me in an unnecessarily warm light. I can just see all the Monday morning folk suffering coronary complications over dead phone batteries and lost TV remotes and the odd sockness of the world, when if only they could feel lucky, all this head thumping hysteria would melt away and the happiness that rich city folk are so self-obsessed with would simply pop out from under their feet. Thankyou Fray for listening to my usual Sunday night post bath philosophy

David {david@todman.dircon.co.uk}


Today I'm at home, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria asking myself: how many times have i thought it can't go worse, and yes, it did go worse?

Happy birthday, fray.



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