{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

I am sitting at home alone thinking of a girlfriend from the past who has been over but now flown home to Australia.


Maybe next time I can be at Fray Day, not alone.

Carl {gcq79@dial.pipex.com}


I'm sitting in the computer lab, wondering whether I'll ever not be in love with a girl who is incapable of loving anyone, including herself.


I'm sitting in a carrel in a library: working on a brief; thinking about a note; procrastinating on my reading; worrying about an interview I have tomorrow morning.

Days like these are funny (strange) because they precede those that may one day seem pivotal. They're also funny (ha ha) because I may, one day, look back and laugh at my anxiousness and insecurity -- or wonder why I was putzing around on the net instead of getting my shit together.

One thing's for certain: I'm happier today than I was three years ago. In '96 I was in a dead-end relationship, floundering in what seemed like a dead-end life. I definitely prefer this evening's angst....

I hope I can write something analogous in 2002. cheers.

mike skoglund {mookie@easterisland.com}


I'm at Bill's house. I'm listening to someone on the stereo with the last name Hicks. Jaime's asleep on the couch. Rita needs help and I don't know how to make things better for her. Max just came into the family and I am trying to adjust to him. Andre left a few months ago but I miss him more and more everyday. I met Tasha today and she instantly reminded me of Andre and his beautiful face. I think of Ward but I try not to, it's in my best interest. I miss Matt but I try not to, it's in my best interest. I wanna fix Jessica but I don't know how to ...it's not in my interest.

Jessica {Porcchswng@Aol.com}

I felt in love with a girl that is not here.., she lives in the moon, and All the times I look there I can hear her crying, and I see her tears falling. This story is too big (about 40 pages in word97) to put here, so its only a part.(and sorry for the bad english, Im from brazil). I wrote songs. Some of them, about girls, but none of the girls I know is like the girl on my letters. I wrote songs about that sad little girl on the moon. Oh.., sorry, again, I started crying.., cant continue. sorry.

Ramoni {ramone@skydome.net}


Why am I here? A big nite in the Middle East watching assholes, sluts and idiots. I hate them all because I'm old. And I know how to bake bread like the Wicked Witch. The Mexican restaurant haunted by prostitutes? Nothing. Give me my mid-term you old fool or someone will pay. Want beer, want sleep. Da bebbie is home waiting for me...


I'm sitting in my cube at large Atlanta cable set-top box maker, enduring another lifeless day as a contractor drone. Trying to figure out what my calling is. In dire need of a change.

millard {millardfilmore@hotmail.com}


I'm in Singapore, at work. Feeling nostalgic these 2 days, after dinner with some ex-classmates. Memories of the past kept flashing by, especially those about a particular person.

Having a headache right now, hopefully you guys out there will have a great fray day!

kristen {mfonet@yahoo.com}

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