{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

i am sitting on a chair next to a short arsed alcoholic named big smelly slut with whiskers.her whiskers look like one of her eyebrows have fallen down onto her lip

shea o toole


I am sitting in my dorm room on a rainy New Haven afternoon. My roommate is playing what she calls "that beautiful song" on the stereo. I've been here for a few weeks. It's a completely new life, and I think I like it.

I love it.

Lizzie {Lizardens@aol.com}

i always think it's fun that my birthday and the fray's birthday almost coincide.

The fray is three. I'm almost 25.

I am in Seattle. My best friend is moving here next week. My girlfriend Deb is in Michigan. I have a crush on a girl who is down the street. My cats are at home. My roommate is probably on her way home from work.

And I am blessed, still, by this amazing amount of love that seems to have come from nowhere.

Deep in my heart, I know that it was here all along.

Kris {idat@madstop.org}


i am sitting here feeling like home made shit...don't really know what what is, or what, what what should be. iam one of those who has no idea what was was before was was. Sceptical of all around me at this moment i even question the fall of Humpty, yes, and also why adam had to listen to a naked woman who gave him raw fruit,and spoke to snakes... life's like that at the moment.


I am sitting in computer school in Methuen Ma, not paying attention because I have a cold and these small green and purple gremlins that live in my sneakers keep biting my feet and writing my name on the ceiling. They keep trying to convince me to let them smear their ear wax on the teacher, but I won't let them...



I am sitting in my cold, dimly lit apartment in Kharkov, Ukraine. I am looking out my window into a gray autumn afternoon.

The smell of burning coal wafts into my apartment through poorly sealed single pane windows. A sign that maybe the "State" is going to turn on the heat sometime soon.

Instead of college football, coeds in angora sweaters and rustling leaves, I am contemplating how I will survive another East European winter behind the Rusted Curtain.


Dodd {dodd@webshare.com}

frayday,'99 cleveland, ohio

The morning is almost crisp. A beautiful autumn day. The sun is so intense that is stings the back of my neck as it shines through the window. It's a good day to absorb the delights of this extraordinary beautiful planet filled with its extraordinary beautiful people.

happy b-day fray!! have fun!!



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