{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

I'm not sure where I'm at. I just know it's not where I want to be.

Wayne {saltydog@tfs.net}

I'm in the northwest of Germany.

Enjoying an unbelievably warm September from behind my writing desk, writing a book about - of all things - web publishing.

Someone once said "I like deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make when they go by", but there's a little time to celebrate the Fray's birthday.

So happy birthday Peter

Peter {pmm@pmueller.de}


I'm about to take the biggest step in my life. No, I'm not getting married, nor am I expecting.

I'm about to finally leave the place I've lived my whole life, in search of someplace that feels like home.

I'm scared to death, but I also know it's something I must do.

Leslie {leslie@impermanence.com}

Today I'm in a small town in central MA. It's the town I grew up in, and I don't beleive I like this place. The only thing holding me here is an education and a young girl who I love. This is my first visit to the fray and I am thouroughly excited to find it. It is freedom. The stories here are ones that I've all heard before, but only in my head. I understand them all...and hope to understand myself someday...thanx fray, I'll be back

Chris {c.teso@worldnet.att.net}


im not in the place where i want to be. lost. lost. lost.

how do i find my way back to myself?

nk {nkarezza@eudoramail.com}

It's a warm, blue, cloudless antipodean day.

I'm in Auckland, New Zealand, contemplating my departure in November to live in London.

Swapping one life for another. Swapping summer for winter. There it is.

Alistair Scott {furiae@hotmail.com}


who am i?

i am royal

what am i?

i am human

where am i?

i am in australia

i am many things, i am not many things.

i would like to be more things, but risk losing some things when gaining others...

i think therefore i am.

i am (?)

a (meta)physical existance...

royal {r@royaltech.net}

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