{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

Today I hold that precious envy, a bypass from the realworld, I long for the final moment where everything becomes adequate, Is'nt comfort what we all require. I'm in England in my home town, a roman city, close to hate, close to love, at least I can say I try and acheive.



I sit here and watch him sleep, he is so peaceful, so beautiful. All I can think about is how much I love him....I hope that he has wondeful dreams, I hope that I am making him as happy as he makes me.....I sit here and wonder why he picked me...glad he picked me....I am with him....that is where I am today....

me :O)

My friend was taking pictures of me for the portrait thing. I hated it but she loved making me eat grass and have sand going in my ears.

That was the last time I ever saw her.

minnie {minnie@sodess.com}


I've just finished marking the mocks. I'm sitting in Tech 2 with Amy and Jim, son of a teacher - oh, and Vicky's just stepped in. Hi, Vick. How's it going? Okay, you don't have to speak to me. Fine. I don't care. Yeah, just talk to Amy about whether the pair of you are going into town. Well, it's Year 13 parents' evening tonight. Joy. Oh, choc-a-doobie. I'm in heaven, 7th heaven. Still, should be home about seven O' clock. After marking more books. Stench.

Mr Ward {WardJ@bishop-luffa.sussex.sch.uk}

Today like any other day I may love, hate, and add more doubts to my mind. Today I think I love Alex, today I may also hate him. He is such a spoiled brat..but today I needed him so much like that day we told each other for the first time how much we need us. I want to love him, but I don't want to hate him, that's why I rather to stay closer to my fears. It's a total stupidity from my part, but I am afraid. Today, like that day, I realized that he might be mine some day, and I don't want to lose him, like I've lost so many people I love. Today I am afraid, tomorrow I might be saved. I met Alex online, and we may be meeting each other sometime soon, maybe next summer. Today I am writing what I needed to share, today I share my thoughts, feelings and doubts. Today Alex is in Canada and I am in Miami, he can be with his friends, even with a girl, and I am here, thinking about him. Still, there's nothing I can do...there are needss that as humans we need to please. Today I told him so, and I told him I wanted to write a book about men, and women...how weird we both are, but how unique!



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