{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

Today I am preparing for my move to Seattle. In Seattle I will make a fresh start with a different perspective and some new dreams.

Today I wish I were in San Francisco celebrating Fray's third birthday. I will be there next year.

Thank you Derek and all of you in the Fray community. God bless.

Johnny {johnny.amos@usa.net}


I am in Rochester, NY, wondering where I really should be, wondering if love is real or some ancient writer's fiction that we all cling to.

I am in an empty house that is not mine, feeling guilty about the white skin that allowed me to buy a new car today.

I am in a chair, typing things I could never tell people.

I am in front of a computer screen, waiting to hear stories from people I never have, and most likely never will, meet.

I am on planet earth, being overdramatic, but being me.

Thank you for the fray Derek, may it survive the gradual corporate destruction of the Internet.

alan {optional@gliff.org}

Right now, I am 32 and burning popcorn in the microwave. I have just eaten the world's most perfect mango and I am ambivalent about my hair. Right now, I live in a suburb of Washington, DC, but I dream about moving to Boulder next summer (and all the great e-fare deals from Denver to San Fran on United). Right now I am perplexed by people who don't like Harvey Keitel and I wonder if I'm the only one on the planet who knows about Hal Hartley. I am pleasantly tired from an afternoon spent hiking and looking forward to a quick trip to Philly tomorrow to see an art exhibit on "German Design of the 20th Century." Right now I'm feeling jaunty and listening to the Pogues. Right now you are reading this. Right now I miss being a stage manager but I don't miss all the personal drama. There is a spider on my ceiling, and laundry on my floor; a sick fish in my aquarium, but a happy dog at my feet. Right now I am happy too, and perhaps more importantly, content. But that's not to say that I would turn away a smiling man with a basketball, a pair of Tecates with lime, and a willingness to shoot a twilight game of "HORSE". Or a nature boy with a two-person tent who eagerly awaits, as I do, the return of Orion each October. But most of all, right now, it is almost time for Fray Day 3!

Lisa {february_first@yahoo.com}


I am in way too too too far away from S.F that I live in Hong Kong.

You have got to believe me, I had a dream about me participating Fray's 3rd birthday this early morning. In the dream I happened to meet Dereck, and I was going to tell him how excited I was to be able to fly all the way from Hong Kong to celebrate fray's birthday. I told him about me stumbled upon fray's page like a year ago, but didn't pay attention on it, but during the year, I kept coming back through different links on other people's web site. Ever since I have been really intrigued by the beliefs of Fray, and I have this bookmarked in my computer.

Anyway,amazing happened at that point of time, I woke up with my computer saying "You have got mail" and it was the mail from Fray inviting me to see the live from the net.

Truly, I wish I was in S.F, hopefully I will be in S.F next year to join all of you there. Happy Birthday To Fray!!

ukjoe {ukjoe@netvigator.com}

I'm sitting at home, finishing up some project I was working on. Tonight is a night like many others (too many? solitary, like cats, not moths) where I work at home, pleased with what I create (not for money, spending is bliss) what I feel like.

I, however, am alone, unlike those in SF, happily celebrating their third year of a magnificient accomplishment.

Six degrees of The Fray, from cocaine to the Burning Man, casino's to nudity, AIDS to the Nicest Person. So much? It's only begun. Where will it be in 2000? Where was it in 83? Where was The Fray when Derek was just being born?

I am still at home, as I will be, forever.

Syn.Terra {dream@aevum.net}


i am here trying to get fired up for my next painting. i am wondering about how real reality is. so what if i make just enough to survive smoothly. i love art. ... lets see if that reasoning will work when i have a family to support one day! hehehe. -knightkrawler


i am at home. i just got home. I am tired, and sleepy, and very very full. I am in Canada, and I am going to bed.



Today I sit in north central Montana awaiting for my season, Autumn, to begin once again. I am waiting to be done with my schooling, so that I may again be with my wife, and my son yet to be born. But, most of all, today I am.

And I am content.


John {dollan@mcn.net}

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