{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

Today, I find myself in a charmed life, just as I have every day since I resolved to live it like it was charmed instead of cursed.

== n ==


Today I am on Mulberry Street. It is Monday after San Gennaro and the street could be disaster footage on CNN. The crowds eating sausages and funnel cake are gone, replaced overnight by piles of cardboard wet with beer. Collapsed booths. Streets caked with left-over party and lined with giant trash bags. Chinatown neighbors are inspecting the wood, removing nails and carting off the good pieces. By this afternoon, on my way home, everything will be gone. Scrubbed clean and ready to start over.

Jen {jen@ting-ting.com}

i sit in the office this morning after a weekend of fun and of depressing news. it hurts to find out that you are making more money than all of your friends, yet you cannot afford to pay your bills.

and i'm lonely. she's away at school. i'm sill in boston.

i wish i could be at frayDay. but lack of funding caused the trip to be nixed. oh well. to those who made it, and those who are reading this, i have one word for you.


aryn {aryn@aryn.org}


Today I am at a computer in Tallahassee on FAMU's campus, trying to evaluate where I am, where I have been and where I am going. But most of all I am here. I am alive. And I won't stop moving until I get to where I need to be--home.

Onye {tigra17@hotmail.com}

i am home - working on my web design - with my babe of 5.5 months smiling at my side. she's so beautiful, and she distracts me always.

i never thought i could love another human being so much. where was i last year? i was pregnant and hesitant about becoming a mom for the first time. if i knew how much having a baby could be so fulfilling, then i would have had one sooner.

her name is Natasha.

i am twenty six years old.

i am now happy.... odd never thought i would feel this way...*sigh*

geekette {geek_ette@hotmail.com}


Today my body senses that last week's tropical storm happened for a reason. This morning, I curled around my boyfriend and listened to him breathe. His fur is something I can wonder at. Today I feel unburdened enough to observe and feel beauty. I want to remember this.

jk {widely@yahoo.com}

Today I am sitting at a thankless piece of a job wondering when my real life starts. Today I am trying to find the courage to finish finish a short story and submit it. Today I am wrestiling with my muse, trying to explain to her that I cannot possibly house another character in my brain unless we finish the journeys of the ones that are already living there. Sigh, today I make room for one more story.

oola {oola72@hotmail.com}


Saturday, I was at tooling around San Francisco and experiencing Fray Day.

Sunday, I left San Francisco and drove home down the coast of California.

Today, I'b doing those things that finance my weekends. I ought to get back to doing just that...

Or perhaps not.


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