{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

Um...I really don't wanna say.


I'm sitting around my school's computer lab and attempting to get tired and attempting to either find some motivation to work or not look at pornography and gore on the school's computers.

You asked for honesty and you got it.

L. Gringo Monrroy


Checking back to find many thoughts well expressed here. Thank you all for bringing warmth to me tonight while I think in my slightly cold stone and brick house that is suddenly too large for one person. Tonight I am wondering about the smiling possibility of love from my young friend who shared a turkey club with me earlier this evening. Tonight I am wondering about the missing syllables of a garbled message left by my other older friend and exlover who explained she leaves for Hawaii tomorrow. Tonight I am knowing joy and peace and connection as at least three achievements in this solitary life. But the stone house is too cold and too empty and I know I won't light a fire, tonight. I will pray for the young woman and her sandwich, pray for the older woman and her trip without me, and pray for myself in my gratitude. And a few others too.

dan {dlsmithsmspress@hotmail.com}

I recently went to school at the US Naval Academy in Maryland I left on June 24th, and it is currently September 21st. Now seeing as how I'm not the "biggest" or most "masculine" man attending this school, some of my classmates have been molesting me. Day in and day out I take it in the ass. I've learned to do many things while this inevitable fate is being fulfilled. I can now study, and even do push-ups while being violated. Right now I am typing and being ass-rammed at the same time. However, I would much rather be enjoying the fun times at fray day right now!!

jon kalscheuer


The night that fray was celebrating another year under it's world-wide belt, I stared into the extensively glittered green opticals of someone I've looked upon as the most irresitable out-of-reach person that I know. As charming as the prince that swept Snow White from her death-like slumber, his marble features played beneath the christmas lights which had been placed so terribly festively. He lives in Dallas and me in Modesto, and yet through this projecting, shipping and bottling machine, we've swooned over one another for over the span of a couple years. Yet, while my funkywhiteboy.com-er buddy and ThePhil embraced the company of fellow fray-day goers, I embraced the stars that burn the sky, and all of the electric current that two people could conduct. I decended down that corridor to my bed chamber early that next morning with no regrets to mention, and ever the widest, love-struck grin on my face. here it is three days later and it has not left my visage for a moment.


I'm, sitting in a grey building on a gray day with a gray mentality doing a gray job in the gray capital of our gray country working for a gray goverment.



tripped into this magnificent site
full of people
of life

leaving inspired to write
2 years in the making
thank-you, all these i's
i am again


i am here

one second from

twenty years


i blinked, i breathed

here i am

where will i be


my eyes open next

Skye {mlandry@mctl.ca}


i am at work. i am late for a meeting. i am *always* late for meetings.

i like it that way.

(i am not sure this is a good attitude, but it's mine)


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