{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

I am where I want to be today.

Sadly, I can never take my eyes off where I want to be tomorrow so I can enjoy today.

ben huh {benhuh@bdyh.com}


I am joyful and jagged and tired and cold. Today I've been walking and thinking. Last night I had a long lost friend over to dinner-- a friend I had never expected to call a friend again. It was lovely and easy and wonderful, and I'm happy I broke through the fear and self judgement that had held me back from reaching out through all of these years. I'm going to snuggle with my daughter then get out my paints and let it all out. Happy b-day Fray!

Naisha {naisha@wcvt.com}

Today my plans fell apart again, and I am still here. Scared to leave, terrified to stay. "To young to hold on, and to old to just break free and run." I am paralized by fear, fear of regret, and fear of loss.

I feel outside of my skin today, looking at my life from the third person. Yelling, screaming, and pleeding with myself to do something, anything, to break free from this life, but it falls on def ears.

Revrend Poe {revrendpoe@davidbowie.com}


today I'm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at some wee corner of my office pondering about the factual meaning of a wonderful friendship which almost ruin a wonderful relationship.

Why is there so much in thoughts yet so little to express? I don't feel where I am today, but I feel why i am where I am today...

Jennifer Ng {ooini@tm.net.my}

Where am I?

Betwixt and between two amazing worlds. The first is all around me, the second is within this newly acquired computer. Wow.

Outside my windows (Brooklyn, NY) the weekend has been sunny and cool, blue and cloudless. Inside, I've been learning my way around the web world and watching my achilles swell and recede like the shifting tides. But, hey, no pain, just puffy.

Happy Birthday, fray! I'm looking forward to watching you grow.

Sharon {celia34@hotmail.com}


I'm trying to fit so many inputs together... I've just got home from my gramma's birthday, the very first time i've encountered my father's family after his death. The first time they met my younger son, the first time they see me after getting divorced, alone after so many years. Quite a mess...

First time fray makes three. My first fray story.

well... Habby B-day, Fray!

magico {magico@fimdamente.org}

I: Wondering how I've gotten myself into my senior year as an english major.

I: Trying not to stress & contain the frenzied thoughts I feel bouncing around in my head.

I: Smiling inside my head in a translucent buttercup which is surrounded by a forest of ferns.

Morgan B {mburton@roanoke.edu}


Where am I today? I'm wanting to stay put, but knowing I need to move on. Spent all day thinking about all the experiences that make up part of who I am. Made a list of all the people I need to get back in touch with. I want to sorround myself with friends, both old and new. I realized I need a new direction in life, because the old one just brings me down.

happy B-day Fray

Tim {timdel@myriad.net}

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