{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

Today I need to decide whether or not to ask her to rescue me from these years of loneliness...



i'm without her.

gerard {gerry38@hotmail.com}

Today, I woke up in the arms of my new girlfriend, made her breakfast, and saw her off to work.

Drank a lot of coffee, smoked a lot of cigarettes, much like any other day, with one exception.

Today, for no other reason than the fact that the sun was shining, and I have a girlfriend who cares about me, I was content.

Jairus Pryor {jairus@restraint.org}


Today I am thinking that in three months I will be thirty.

Today I helped people who needed my support and advice, for the simple reason that I love them.

Today I tried not to dwell on the things missing.

rainy {lparkin@one.net.au}

I am on my way to recovery today...

Recovery from being what everyone would like me to be...

And I take with me my three essentials d'etre ... salvaged remains of my mind, old jar filled with freshly ground coffee and a well battered keyboard.

monisha {m0nisha@hotmail.com}


Today I feel truly terrified that all the pain I have had locked up inside me over the years will explode...


Today I woke up and felt good. Relaxed in a way... So fresh and light-weight... Oh! And... There she was... Just beside me... The sunrise filled our room with strong bright colours of such warmth, only compared to last night tender passion... And, after enjoying these moments of true nature... I went back to sleep!... Himae Laecum Icor

Pedro {blackadder@catsrule.garfield.com}


Today I am just a young woman with a lot of hopes and dreams that refuse to go away no matter what other people tell me about "growing up and facing reality". Today I believe that I can make them come true if I can just find the passion and energy I used to have not too long ago.

Tomorrow I may find myself engaged to a man I do not know and living a life that is more 'real' than I know how to handle.

But for today, at least just for this one day, I will be all the things I know I am.


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