{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

I am in Australia, near the sea, in a studio/office in a little hamlet, looking out over mountains and cow fields...sitting Japanese style in front of a computer...

Non physically/in spirit...I don't know where I am.

I'm not really here at all...many appear to be insistant that I get back on the planet. It is the goddess herself...she doesn't know what to do with me anymore. I don't have the question of the point of being in a world that was defined by others and one moves one from point to point, in the relationship of lost self, of movements of mechanical mind constriction and relationship. That's why I avoid being present, I denied it all long ago...

So my friends who don't really have friends are mostly self proclaimed cybernetic mutants. Out of the system, in the system, hacking systems. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a person walking and the communication is there of: light filaments? pure information? high frequency love?

She says she wants to be unconditional love all the time. What is preventing that I ask? Fear. There is only fear and love she says. I know. I know the fear is to be who she is.

Who am I? I know what we all are is love itself, and what words don't know. I don't know how to be who I am in the world. But I'm doing all I can to remove what is preventing it. I am embodying what I am today.

Julian Palmer {will3@earthling.net}


Monday I was on I-95. Tuesday I was on I-75. Wednesday I was on I-65. Friday I was on I-55. Sunday I was on I-70. Lots of trucks. Monday night, I-71, and I'm not moving for awhile. . .

liZa {anotherliZa@yahoo.com}

Today, I am simply here, in the place where all my muscles and my bones come together. Today I am here inside my pain, escaping it, by being it. Today, I am in the place where old and new converge, and personal identity crisis reigns the ruler. Today I am here

Todd A. Heywood {Vcov1670@aol.com}


right now i am in south carolina, staring blankly at this computer screen not knowing what to write. "happy birthday" i should say "happy birthday fray!"

right now i am talking to four friends online...from indiana, arizona, california, and good ole south carolina. --one known for a while, two known not at all..yet, and one known all too well (an ex).

in my head i contemplate the writings of milton, of plath, of whitman, and of the increasingly famous jewel... also, of the never will be famed: myself.

right now i am quiet girl, tireded from a restless day full of events and friends and conversations aboundingly present.. now i retreat into the cobwebs of my own mind, retreiving faded memories, dusting them off to be revived...only for a short while until i slip into the unconsciousness known commonly as sleep.. a dream world which awakens my senses to a new since of life.

right now, i await my journey of the world, to the world, and past the world..all that lingers is a dream.

kathryn :8) {kat-g-kapp@rocketmail.com}

I wonder everyday how or if my life will change. They say the world could end at anytime. Is it today, tomorrow, the next day, or year? When will it be? Will it happen? I wonder where I and all others will go. Am I going before others? Will I go young, or old? Will I even go? How will I get there? Will I be helped, or will I be alone? When will this day come? I wonder......



Who is this girl I talk to on the other side of this computer screen? Will I ever see her? Will I ever meet her? I know she is sweet from her words, but who is she in person? Are her eyes as beautiful as I see them in my mind? Is she the one that I must find? Who is she I ask when all I can picture now is a mask. There is no true face I can see, so for the time being, it is a mystery.. Thong Hong I Song I Song Jon U Son Ton A Song Tong O Rong Yong Mon Yon Fong Rong I E Nong Dong Song

I know her as Katyia.....


Its late and as I go off to bed, I wonder what the dawn of a new day will be like. Will I be here? Will I be anywhere? Will I go tonight? Is my journey far? Is it near? I dont know, but I wait here with no fear..... When I go is when I go. Yes, I question it. But, is it worth it? Should I wonder so much where I will be the next time I turn around? I dont know if that will change, but that is the question I will face time on and time off, almost everyday........... Gracias Fray por teniendo un parte para nosotros en el mundo, a usar nuestras mentes.. FelÝz Cumplea˝os.....



today i am happy. i love my life, my friends, my God. today i saw the sun peekeing out from behind a massive grey cloud and related the feeling i got to how a life changes unknowingly to the beholder...

this day that is now is a different day than the one a minute ago. -new friends are always as a smile on a grey-inside day..no matter if its a yellow-outside day.

today, my new friend is an awesome treasure as i see him in my mind- as that is the only way i know to- he is far away yet feels like a forever friend already knowing me as i am without withholding vital things that other people may not know ..or even want to know..

he sends the smiles across the miles with a randomness that is absurd yet beautiful simultaneously... a new person for me to learn and know in the same manner as an ingenious idea that almost escapes a mind but is caught at the last moment in a glimpse of reality..

so today i am happy. i am gald, and joyful. :)

happy girl {piggysmile@chickmail.com}

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