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spacer.gif spacer.gif Event Fray Day 8 LA
Saturday, October 23 from 8pm to Midnight at The Coffee Fix in Studio City: 12508 Moorpark St. {map}
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Fray Day 8: Oct. - Dec.
Oct. 23 Los Angeles
Oct. 23 Mesa/Phoenix
Oct. 31 Copenhagen
Nov. 13 Dallas
Nov. 13 San Francisco
Nov. 13 Madrid
Nov. 14 New Haven
Nov. 16 Central Florida
Nov. 17 Washington DC
Nov. 20 Fredericksburg
Dec. 1 Milwaukee
Dec. 2 Tucson

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Event News

Great Show in LA
Posted by Anderson on Sunday 24 October 04 @ 2:02PM

It was a great night of storytelling in Los Angeles last night.... It was an intimate group of non-baseball fans, but at least the show rocked and the Red Sox won!... Pictures coming soon.

Late Additions
Posted by Anderson on Thursday 21 October 04 @ 9:48AM

Adding to the list of featured performers are Story Salon producers Beverly Mickins & Dan Farren. Also, Paul Jacek will perform and help emcee.... It is going to be a great show. I hope to see you there.

Fray Author Zack Edwards Featured
Posted by Anderson on Tuesday 19 October 04 @ 8:21AM

Isaac Edwards lives in Pasadena. People call him
Zack. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree and
works in the armpit of L.A.

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Digital Photographer Found
Posted by Anderson on Monday 18 October 04 @ 8:11AM

Jerome Pennington will shoot this year's rockin' event.... See you there!

Mike Bonifer Featured
Posted by Anderson on Wednesday 29 September 04 @ 4:02PM

Mike Bonifer is a storyteller. Sometimes he tells stories on behalf of clients ranging from major media companies to political candidates; sometimes he tells them for himself, sharing with audiences his own unique view of the world.

Continue reading "Mike Bonifer Featured" »

Wayman Barnes Featured
Posted by Anderson on Wednesday 29 September 04 @ 8:06AM

Wayman Barnes has been published in the Funny Times, Comic Relief, Vox Populi, Digress Magazine, Ad Infinitum, Fetus Noise and his own chapbook

Continue reading "Wayman Barnes Featured" »

Steve Robinson Featured
Posted by Anderson on Sunday 26 September 04 @ 2:48PM

The illegitimate son of a famous radio star and a one-time FBI operative, Mr. Robinson has been described, by himself, as a philanthropist, explorer and humanitarian---all on a limited scale---and by some of the women he’s dated as a “longshot.”

Continue reading "Steve Robinson Featured" »

Richard Tanner Featured
Posted by Anderson on Thursday 23 September 04 @ 8:21AM

At 23, RICHARD TANNER was one of the youngest contributers to Esquire Magazine. Subesquent articles appeared in Vogue, the village voice, the New York Daily News...

Continue reading "Richard Tanner Featured " »

Marsha Clark Featured in LA
Posted by Anderson on Wednesday 22 September 04 @ 8:37AM

No, not the lawyer, but she has played a judge on TV... MARSHA CLARK has performed with various sketch-comedy and improv groups in N.Y. and L.A.. While in N.Y., she spent six years playing Hillary Bauer (the good girl who made bad mistakes) on "The Guiding Light"

Continue reading "Marsha Clark Featured in LA" »

L.A. Gets The Ball Rolling
Posted by Anderson on Saturday 21 August 04 @ 9:01PM

Fray Day LA is booked! This year's rockin' event will be Saturday, October 23 from 8pm to Midnight at The Coffee Fix in Studio City: 12508 Moorpark Street across from the Studio City Library {map}. We are asking a for a $4 minimum purchase, but no one will be keeping tabs. Look for more postings coming soon.... See you there.

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