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for open mic participants and featured performers
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Fray Cafe 3 CD

Fray Cafe 3:
True Stories Told Live

Thriteen true story performances from Fray Cafe 3 in Austin, Texas, 2003. Only $15!


Fray Cafe 3 - Austin, TX   Fray Day 6 - San Francisco, CA   Fray Day 6 - Copengahen, Denmark

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The goal of a Fray open microphone is to create a safe space where people feel comfortable telling their stories. Here are some tips to make your experience a pleasant one.

1: Be personal
Fray Day is all about personal stories. As long as you're speaking from the heart, what you say will be welcomed.You don't have to be funny and you don't have to be serious (though you can be either, or both, if you want). You just have to be yourself. Easy, right?

2: Be true
We've got nothing against fiction, but that's not what Fray Day is about. It's expected that the story you tell will be something that really happened to you.

3: Don't talk about the web
This is about storytelling in Real Life. We all know what it's like to be on the web. Tell us what it's like to be in your shoes.

4: No rants
Got an axe to grind? Do it in the garage. This is a place for stories, not kvetches.

5: Stick to the time limit
Open mic participants get five minutes, featured performers get a few more. Don't worry, five minutes is longer than you think. Just take your time and tell your story. You'll be fine as long as you stay on topic. If you see the emcee looking at you and tapping their watch, wrap it up quick. You'll only get one warning before we pull the plug.

6: Remember all those public speaking tips
Try to avoid the words like "um, uh, well, yeah." Be confident – no one else knows the story you're about to tell as well as you do, so own it! Have energy. Resist the urge to stare at your feet, no matter how interesting they may seem. And above all, enjoy yourself! If you're having fun, so is everybody else.

Thanks again for participating in the Fray open mic. Remember, we don't always go in the order people sign up, so be sure to stick around!

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