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Fray Day 8
October - December, 2004
The fray organization is devoted to the art of the personal story. We hold events where real people tell true stories in real time. And you're invited. Previously
Fray Cafe Austin 4
14 March 2004
Austin, TX
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Fray Day 8: Oct. - Dec.
Oct. 23 Los Angeles
Oct. 23 Mesa/Phoenix
Oct. 31 Copenhagen
Nov. 13 Dallas
Nov. 13 San Francisco
Nov. 13 Madrid
Nov. 14 New Haven
Nov. 16 Central Florida
Nov. 17 Washington DC
Nov. 20 Fredericksburg
Dec. 1 Milwaukee
Dec. 2 Tucson

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Thriteen true story performances from Fray Cafe 3 in Austin, Texas.
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True story performances and music from Fray Day 5 in San Francisco.
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Fray Cafe 3 - Austin, TX   Fray Day 6 - San Francisco, CA   Fray Day 6 - Copengahen, Denmark

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Latest News

Fray Day 8 Milwaukee: Milwaukee photos are up!
Posted by Krutzik on Sunday 27 March 05 @ 7:41PM

Anyone interested in checking out pictures from Milwaukee's first ever Fray Day (held 12/1/04) can access them by clicking the "Photos" link below.

Continue reading "Milwaukee photos are up!" »

Fray Cafe Austin 5: Recap of Fray Cafe 5
Posted by Eric on Wednesday 16 March 05 @ 10:00PM

Fray Cafe 5 didn't have a theme, despite the constant recurrence of goats. It was not planned. Seriously. Goats are just part of life.

I digress.

The show ran from 8:30 until midnight, with featured speakers Kevin Smokler and Robert Nagle, and a stream of regular and first-time open mic performers.

Kevin shared a story about his first day as a journalist; Robert recalled his perils with cleanliness in Albania; Andrew confronted his fears about terror; Ryan encountered a car crash; Halcyon told a story about love and porn; Cinnamon shares how she got her name; Michael had sympathy for the goat; David found a family---and these are just a few of the true, personal stories that make Fray so wonderful---stories told by people like you.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to participate in Fray Cafe 5!

Fray Cafe Austin 5: Look out Austin!
Posted by Derek on Monday 7 March 05 @ 10:28PM

Just wanted to step in with a hearty thanks to the local organizer of Fray Cafe 5, mister Michael Brown, who's been the guy behind the scenes for almost all the Fray events in Austin over the years. And special thanks to our emcee Eric Rice, who's an original Fray contributor and frequent performer at Fray events. He's also got a way with a video camera. Look out, Austin, it's gonna be a helluva show!

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Previous Events

Fray Cafe Austin 4
Fray returned to Austin for another night of true, personal stories.

Fray Cafe Cardiff
Fray's first event in the UK!

Fray Day 7: October 2-5, 2003
Our biggest worldwide event yet, Fray Day 7 came to 13 cities: DeLand, Florida; Los Angeles, California; New Haven, Connecticut; Washington DC; Austin, Texas; Bennington, Vermont; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Houston, Texas; San Francisco, California; Tucson, Arizona; Chicago, Illinois; Copenhagen, Denmark; Denver, Colorado.

Fray Cafe Sedona: June 13, 2003
Fray's first event in Sedona!

Fray Cafe 3: March 9, 2003
Fray returned to Austin on March 9 for another night of true, personal stories.

Fray Day 6: September 14-15, 2002
Fray Day 6, our annual celebration of true, personal stories, was a huge success!

Fray Cafe 2: March 10, 2002
Fray Cafe returned to Austin for another night of true stories, as part of South by Southwest Interactive.

Fray Day 5: September 7-9, 2001
Fray Day 5 was a live storytelling event and artfest that happened in 10 cities around the world on one weekend!

Fray Cafe Austin: March 11, 2001
An evening of personal stories deep in the heart of Texas.

Fray Day 4: September 22, 2000
The fray's fourth birthday party slash annual artfest and storytelling open mic was the best yet!

Fray Day 3: September 18, 1999
The fray's third anniversary celebration was a raging success. See also: Fray is three.

Fray Day 2: September 12, 1998
Imagine a warehouse full of geeks using a microphone to tell stories instead of a computer. See also: Fray is two.

Fray Camp at Burning Man: September 2-7, 1998
We went to burning man and all we got was three pounds of playa dust (and an amazing experience).

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