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Fray Is

Fray is a magazine about true stories that's been publishing since 1996. We put up a new feature story about once a month, and each one ends with a posting area where you can tell your story right back. The website has four story sections and four other sections.

Story sections:
Criminal: Stories about times that test your faith.
Hope: Stories about the moments that make life fly.
Drugs: Stories of experiences that challenge assumptions.
Work: Stories about what we do because we have to.

Other sections:
Is: The meta section. You are here!
Events: Fray-sponsored storytelling events around the globe.
Storyblog: Links to personal stories across the web.
Shop: Fray schwag for sale.

oldskool.gifFray is a community. We are people who have come together around the idea that everyone has a story to tell. Ordinary people who tell extraordinary true stories. And we believe everyone has a story to tell.

Fray is a movement. We believe that literature isn't just for English majors, art isn't just for pouty snobs, and life is about collecting and sharing true stories. We believe that the web gives us a rare and wonderful opportunity to create shared story spaces, and those shared spaces help remind us that we are not alone.

Fray is noncommercial. This is an all-volunteer effort. The people who make fray do it out of a love of sharing stories and contributing to something larger than themselves. The money we raise from the Shop goes to fund the Events. We're working on securing our 501c3 status now.

Fray is a dare. The word means the fight, the rabble. It's a challenge. To live an interesting life and have something to say about it.

Fray is for you. For free. Just because.

Thanks for joining the fray.

Derek Powazek, founder and grand poo-bah

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