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the fray org
Items that we at the Fray produce ourselves. Proceeds from the following items goes directly to The Fray Organization, helping us create this site, as well as our events all over the world.

cd Fray Cafe 3 CD: True Stories Told Live

Thriteen true story performances from Fray Cafe 3 in Austin, Texas, 2003. Buy from iTunes!

cd Fray Day 5 CD: Selected Performances

True story performances and music from Fray Day 5 in San Francisco, 2001. Buy from iTunes!

tip Donate to {fray}
Like what we do here? Throw some change in the tip jar! Proceeds will go to server bills and live events. And thanks!

so new media
Fray author Ben Brown's punk rock publishing company, So New Media, has published several books by our authors. Proceeds from these items is split between the authors and So New Media.


Greaseguns and Feathers

The simple tale of one Valentine's Day in the quantum alternate retro now. Sold Out!


San Francisco Stories

Short stories from a regular guy trying to find his spot in the place the land ran out. Sold Out!


Hand Over Fist

Thirteen short stories about love found, love lost, and love ripped from your hands by fate. Sold Out!

cafe press
These items are created by us and sold through online merchant Cafe Press. In truth, most of the money goes to them. We just make these items available cause we think they're nifty.


Lunch Box
Cool metal lunch boxes for all you photo majors.


Travel Mug
Totally awesome travel mugs. I love mine!


Flying Disc
Just don't call it a Frisbee. That would be wrong.


Shoulder Bag
They're big any yellow and very cool. You want one.

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