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{ the worm within }

Joshua Tree Blooms

By Liz Miller

You can't listen to just any music in the desert. You need music to think by.


I was just passing through, but all that changed the night I got a flat tire.

Things Given

On the nights I spend alone, I sleep with the telephone near my head, just in case.

I Like to Travel

People who like to travel love to play the wanderer, visitor, and even the victim.

Letterman on Acid

My mind and body were beginning to separate. In fact, my mind seemed to have a mind of its own.

High Maintenance

I can still hear the sound of her idle – a sexy rumble like a mischievous cat.

Toothbrush Envy

Late one night I went home, crept into the bathroom, and did something violent.


The Scar

By Derek Powazek

I decided, then I was only twelve, that being Jewish sucked.


Everyone came to get naked, immortalized with our clothes off.

Abridged Virgin

By the time I hadn't slept with Judas, I knew it was time to do something drastic.


Two friends became infected. One was an ex-lover. I started getting nervous.

The Tree

I couldn't wait to see them brown and dry on the sidewalks. I was that way about Christmas.


When you're a fiend, time is only a collection of numbers. That time is lost.

Our Lady of Sorrows

Sometimes it's not the quality of the disasters that counts, it's the quantity.


The Things We Do for Love

By Fray Authors

It's not us that choose who we love, it's love that chooses us.

Fair-Weather Wriends

The people here are as hidden as snow-obstructed houses.


How I started. What it was like. How I quit.

Home for the Holidays

In one week, I'll be back in the room I grew up in. I hate that room.

Vinyl Fetish

In memory of the long-playing, black vinyl, single-grooved record album.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffee is a lifestyle so omnipresent that we don't even notice that people who drink the stuff are weird.

The Big Three-Oh

Never trust any-one over thirty. Even if that includes yourself.

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