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{ fireworks }


By Zack Edwards

The base shakes, the buck moves, the squibs fire, and then, Houston, we have a problem.


I'd become steeled to my own selfishness.

Playing with Fire

This was demonic vegetation. Pure evil. It had to be stopped. And it was up to me.


I liked the weird hours and underworld glamour, but the charm wore off that night.

A Card for Fray

Do you remember when it was just you, me, and that guestbook script?

The Rules of Carpentry

The row of duplexes stood half-built in the cruel Colorado sun.


Chicken Tenderfoot

By Skot Kurruk

I was splish-splashing in a mini-lake of clammy poultry. Sexy.


These women had lives as crazy and muddled as mine. I was sure.

Fray Turns Two

Tonight the fray got real.


It didn't take long for me to realize why the money was so good.

Behind the Bar

There are two kinds of bars in Iowa City: college bars and dives. Memories was a dive.

Becoming a Walker

With a sharp excuse me and a businesslike shoveto the right, I was initiated into rush hour.


The Lesson

By Vincent Farquharson

There are five billion people on the planet. How much is a human life worth?

A Year in the Fray

When I think about the last year, it comes back to me in moments.

Escape from the Machine

I am stepping off the rubberized grip of The Comfort Zone.


It's a place I will always love, but can never go back to.

Internship of Fools

Hope, disappointment and clandestine meetings at whitehouse.gov.

Alive in the Machine

It's not my life. It's just my job. Really.


The short story of a year as a cog in the digital revolution machine.

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