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spacer.gif spacer.gif Event Fray Day 8
A global celebration of true personal storytelling.
Coming to a city near you, October to December, 2004!
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Fray Day 8: Oct. - Dec.
Oct. 23 Los Angeles
Oct. 23 Mesa/Phoenix
Oct. 31 Copenhagen
Nov. 13 Dallas
Nov. 13 San Francisco
Nov. 13 Madrid
Nov. 14 New Haven
Nov. 16 Central Florida
Nov. 17 Washington DC
Nov. 20 Fredericksburg
Dec. 1 Milwaukee
Dec. 2 Tucson

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cdFray Cafe 3
Thriteen true story performances from Fray Cafe 3 in Austin, Texas.
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cdFray Day 5
True story performances and music from Fray Day 5 in San Francisco.
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Event News

Fray Day 8 Begins!
Posted by Derek on Saturday 23 October 04 @ 2:53PM

Fray Day, our annual celebration of true personal stories, begins today and goes through November, with events in 12 cities. If you're in or near any of the cities listed don't miss 'em - these events are truly special. Each one features amazing true stories and is organized by talented friends and volunteers with a passion for true stories told in real time.

Special Request: Hey web folks! Got a site? Wanna help spread the word about Fray Day 8? Then grab one of these pretty Fray Day 8 graphics by illustrator Chris Bishop and put it on your site, linking back here.

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Fray Day FAQ
Posted by Derek on Monday 23 August 04 @ 9:48PM   0 Comments

What is Fray Day?
Fray Day is an evening of true stories told by real people in real time. Events take place all over the world and are all a little different, but each event features a few featured performers and a storytelling open mic, where anyone can sign up to tell a true, personal story in 5 minutes or less. Some events also include music, poetry, and interactive art.

Who's behind this?
Fray was started 8 years ago by Derek Powazek, who still heads up the San Francisco event. Other events are created by volunteer organizers with a love of true stories. Together we make up the motley crew known as the Fray Organization, and we're currently in the process of become a 501c3 nonprofit.

Fray Day 8 is Coming!
Posted by Derek on Friday 20 August 04 @ 5:46PM

Fray Day, our annual celebration of true personal storytelling, is coming! This will be our 8th year, and we can't wait.

We're doing things a little differently this year. Instead of picking a date and trying to get all our worldwide events to synch up, we're freeing up the events to happen anytime over the next few months.

We've got a bunch of people working in many cities right now. Stay tuned for event location announcements. And if you're interested in bringing Fray Day to your town, get in touch!

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