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Fray Day 8
October - December, 2004
The fray organization is devoted to the art of the personal story. We hold events where real people tell true stories in real time. And you're invited. Previously
Fray Cafe Austin 4
14 March 2004
Austin, TX
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Fray Day 8: Oct. - Dec.
Oct. 23 Los Angeles
Oct. 23 Mesa/Phoenix
Oct. 31 Copenhagen
Nov. 13 Dallas
Nov. 13 San Francisco
Nov. 13 Madrid
Nov. 14 New Haven
Nov. 16 Central Florida
Nov. 17 Washington DC
Nov. 20 Fredericksburg
Dec. 1 Milwaukee
Dec. 2 Tucson

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October 2003

Fray Cafe Cardiff: Announcing Fray Cafe in the UK!
Posted by Derek on Monday 27 October 03 @ 4:56PM

It's my pleasure to announce our first storytelling event in the UK! Fray Cafe will come to Cardiff in conjunction with the International Digital Storytelling Conference.

Do you live nearby? If you'd like to participate in Fray Day Cardiff as a volunteer or performer, please contact us now!

Fray Day 7: Photos coming online
Posted by Derek on Saturday 18 October 03 @ 2:53PM

The first photo galleries from Fray Day 7 are coming online now! Check out what the events looked like in Grand Rapids, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, and New Haven. More coming soon!

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Photos are up!
Posted by Derek on Saturday 18 October 03 @ 2:42PM

Hi, I'm Derek, and I'll be your host for the evening.Featured performer Daphne Gottleib rocked the house with a series of story poems.Noe Venable played a few songs and told a fantastic story.Featured Performer Armistead Maupin told three stories about when the past catches up with the present.Featured Performer Eric Rice.And Fray Day 7 SF ends with music from Alexis Harte.

Thanks to our super amazing photographer Charlene Wright, we've got 39 shots of Fray Day 7 San Francisco online now. Check 'em out!

Fray Day 7 LA: LA Photos & Recap
Posted by Anderson on Monday 13 October 03 @ 11:42PM

I have posted the photos and recap from our fantastic show on the Story Salon website. Check 'em out.

Ed Note: The Fray Day 7 LA Gallery is up here, too!

Fray Day 7 Copenhagen: Pictures from the event
Posted by Rasmus on Monday 13 October 03 @ 9:12AM

Pictures from the Copenhagen event are now available, both here on the site and elsewhere.

Check out the official gallery and the pictures taken by /many.

Fray Day 7 Chicago: Fray Rap up
Posted by tkeelan on Monday 13 October 03 @ 7:44AM

Chicago logs its first successful Fray Day!
Overall the evening went very well. We had some great stories and music. David Kodeski started up off with a story about family, farms and stuff I can't remember because we were just getting started. David was followed by Billy Lombardo who told a story about his 12 years old buddies and how a girls breast feels alot like the wind on your hand when you are riding in the car with your Dad.

Jason Pettis told a wild tale about bisexual threesomes! I would like to thank both Jason and my brother. Jason for a great story, and my brother for - BRINING MY MOTHER! to the show to the Jason's story. My 75 year old mother's comment. "Is that true?"

We also heard about racoons, substitute teaching, love letters, getting bitch slapped by a pimp on a Sunday afternoon, butt plugs that look like nerf footballs to Chinese girls, really good ghost stories.

It was a great evening. Thanks to all for participating and a special thanks to Sally Ann and the Noble Fool Theatre for helping to make it a reality.

My apologies to those who did not get to tell their story. I was a lousy time keeper - I promise a more ridgid schedule next time. Overall we did great, we had to fight against a Sunday night and the Cubs playing game 5.

Next year - a Saturday and a time Nazi as an MC.

Thanks Derek for all your help as well.


Fray Day 7 Copenhagen: One week later, a recap!
Posted by Rasmus on Sunday 12 October 03 @ 4:09PM

The Copenhagen event turned out to be an evening of very diverse, yet equally interesting, stories. Some of the stories ran a bit longer than 10-15 minutes, but they were definately worth it. The event was a success!

There was Peter's story about losing control of certain bodily functions at the very first party, he ever attended. Johan told us about, what must be one of the weirdest birthday celebrations ever to take place. I'd describe the stories in greater detail, but that would be impossible. You had to be there!

Pictures and audio is on the way. The audio will be in Danish, of course.

A big thank you to Palle Jensen for lending us Märkbar. Also, thank you to Nicolai Bob Zachariassen for providing audio-equipment and support. More thanks to all those who showed up, and even more to those who chose to share a story.

Fray Day 7 Houston: Photos, Etc
Posted by Robert on Saturday 11 October 03 @ 11:42AM

The first Fray Day Houston went well, with over 40 people showing up and 8 people telling stories. Photos are here and here. Plans are afoot to put the audio online, and you can check with this site for when this will be ready. Perhaps the most intriguing story was Matt Mullenweg's story about The Little Red Button that Changed My Life. I could tell you more about this button, but unfortunately it's a secret! For those who signed your name on the list I passed around, I'll let you know when we have a similar event. Another thing (which I forgot to announce). In 2 or 3 months I'll be starting a site called the Houston Literary Calendar, which will contain a list of free or low-cost events like this.

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: People are talking
Posted by Derek on Wednesday 8 October 03 @ 8:33AM

People are talking about Fray Day 7 San Francisco!

Performer and columnist Beth Lisick recounted one of the best lines of the evening in her column today: "Don't root for the turkey!"

Audience member Jeff Cheney said: "I had a great time at Fray Day 7 Saturday night! The highlight of the evening was definitely Armistead Maupin who shared three great stories about how our past comes back to us."

Continue reading "People are talking" »

Fray Day 7 New Haven: Rename our town NEW FRAYVEN!
Posted by Artspace on Tuesday 7 October 03 @ 2:21PM

I did not realize how much time I spend behind my MAC screen until I got on the phone with Derek in San Francisco 3 hours before our event. I felt the anti-social melting as we connected long distance over a project that attempts to rekindle the old orator traditions of communication. I always considered myself an earthy traditionalist. but it gets so easy to just hit the return key and dowse your thoughts across others screens by the thinking no feeling---little breathing. I work for an Alternative Weekly Newspaper with an average of 150,000 readers. I rarely even see who the people are that read my stories. Once we started talking about that- it stuck with me for the rest of the night.

Continue reading "Rename our town NEW FRAYVEN!" »

Fray Day 7 Central Florida: The recap
Posted by Andy on Sunday 5 October 03 @ 4:24PM

post-it note life stories on a door

Once again, thanks to everyone who came and/or read as part of Fray Day Central Florida. Here are the highlights and a quasi-recap of Thursday evening:

+ In the lobby on the way in or out, those people who wanted to read wrote their names and places of origin on an index card. And we asked everyone to write their life stories onto Post-It notes and then stick them to a disembodied door that we brought in. More than 60 people did so, and the results included stories such as these:

"Anonymous but gifted." "Just imagine free falling for 6,665 days. That's my life." "Mashed potatoes." "One time I got my nipples licked." "was born. lived. loved. died (almost)" "Born. Obsessed. Compulsed. Wrote about it. Still writing."

Continue reading "The recap" »

Fray Day 7: Fray Day 7 Rocked!
Posted by Derek on Sunday 5 October 03 @ 10:47AM

Fray Day 7 has come and gone, from LA to DC, San Francisco to Copenhagen. We're all working hard behind the scenes to get photos, remembrances, and other story stuff online, so keep your eyes peeled on the Event News pages for the latest. Thanks for fraying with us.

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Photos from the audience
Posted by Derek on Sunday 5 October 03 @ 10:29AM   1 Comments

fd7sf outside

One of our performers, Eric Rice, has already put up a couple pics from last night. But voulnteer Kristin Garrity wins the prize for putting up a whole gallery before she even went to bed!

Our official photographer for the evening was Charlene Wright, and we'll have her photos online soon. Until then, if you took pictures, post your url below or contact us!

Continue reading "Photos from the audience" »

Fray Day 7 Grand Rapids: Photos
Posted by Aaron on Sunday 5 October 03 @ 8:34AM

Here are the photos from our event:

More »

Fray Day 7 Chicago: Music at the Fray - Robert Rial (Megaphone & all)
Posted by tkeelan on Sunday 5 October 03 @ 7:10AM

We have added one more star to the lineup. - Robert Rial will be sharing story and song.

Robert Rial is an actor, composer, singer-songwriter, and musician who plays guitar, bass, tenor guitar, 5-string banjo, tenor banjo, banjo mandolin, and more. He frequents the Chicago music scene frequently with his band Bakelite 78, is appearing this Christmas season with Tyler Bohne and Patrick Zielinski in A Hipmas Carol, and is always working on various new musical/theatre projects. Robert recently won a cash prize for best solo singer-songwriter in Chicago, and is currently hard at work on his second CD. Check him out at Bakelite 78.

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Best FDSF Yet
Posted by Derek on Sunday 5 October 03 @ 2:06AM

fd7sf crowd

Fray Day San Francisco was amazing. We had over 250 people and four hours of stories. My head is still spinning. From Armistead Maupin talking about his time in Vietnam, to an open mic participant's story of a horny rabbit, to wonderful music by Noe, Mark, and Alexis, a good time was had by all. Especially me. Stay tuned for photos and more!

Fray Day 7 Austin: Woot! Woot!
Posted by benbrown on Saturday 4 October 03 @ 10:47PM

Fray Day 7 Austin was a lovely and intimate event! We chilled out at the beautiful Escapist Booktique and told stories. Surprise! And then, a few of us retired to the house that Uber built to drink beers and stew in the hot tub, Texas style.

Pictures will come soon!

Fray Day 7 Grand Rapids: FRAY DAY 7 - Grand Rapids
Posted by Aaron on Saturday 4 October 03 @ 10:22PM

We did it. We had an awesome time! Not a lot of people came, but the stories were beautiful. It was the best Fray Day ever for that reason.

More later...

Warm bed and wife await me...


Fray Day 7 Bennington: South Street Stadium!
Posted by Stef on Saturday 4 October 03 @ 8:05PM

Fray Day Bennington has come to an end and it was a success! Small, sweet, and cozy, with stories about sailing, uncles, cockfights, underwear, goosing the wrong people, and even Derek Powazek himself! A good time was had by all on a brisk, rainy night! Media and more to follow...

Fray Day 7 Tucson: Fray 7 Tucson Lineup
Posted by Cia on Saturday 4 October 03 @ 12:53PM

Emcees Cia Romano & Diane Bombshelter
7:01 DJ Chooch from AZSession Spins Downtempo
7:28 Tom Walbank, blues man
7:35 Maggie Golston, writer, poet, force of nature
7:42 Jae Sutherland, fashionatrix psychologist
7:49 Sean Fitzpatrick, journalist and crusader
8:06 Vee Phillips, psychic and truthteller
8:13 Cleopache, poet slammer
8:20 DJ Emmfour Spins Drum & Bass
8:27 Regina Kelly, crusader and writer
8:34 Cia Romano, Web geek and catalyst
8:41 Matt Elliott, chameleon artist
8:49 Jef Hamby, diatribist with humor
8:56 Kim aka Stella, outrageous but adorable
8:57 Open Mic
Afterparty: DJ Madrid Spins House & AZSessions Special Guests Spin 'til Close

Fray Day 7 Tucson: Fray Tucson Listed in Club Crawl Events
Posted by Cia on Saturday 4 October 03 @ 12:44PM

Biblio, our elegant little downtown Tucson venue, is conveniently located in the hypocenter of Club Crawl, the twice-annual melée featuring 100 bands in 20 venues or some such. Last year they sold 7,500 wristbands. Either we'll get great walk-in traffic, or we'll barricade the doors! Besides, we have AZSessions and Tom Walbank as special musical guests. HA!

For a Club Crawl schedule see KFMA's Web chart. Biblio is listed in the All-Ages section.

Fray Day 7 Bennington: TONIGHT!
Posted by Stef on Saturday 4 October 03 @ 9:10AM

"Gee, I'm near Bennington, VT this evening and I'm really hankering for some storytelling, tunes, and general fun."

Well then there is simply no excuse to not drop by the South Street Cafe at 8pm. Fray Day Bennington is all about YOU, the guest and open mic performer. Bring your stories, your anecdotes... I don't care how lame you think it is! We just want to hear it!

One lucky person will get a nice, shiny copy of the Fray Day 3 cd and every lucky person will get a chance to tell their story, which will be captured in FULL-MOTION VIDEO. High-techery abounds in the wee towns of Vermont.

See you tonight!

Fray Day 7 Grand Rapids: FRAY DAY 7 - TONIGHT!
Posted by Aaron on Saturday 4 October 03 @ 5:50AM

It's early morning now and we are actually 95% ready to go!

Be there tonight! 8pm! 7 Ionia (across from TAPS)

It's gonne rock! FRAY DAY Grand Rapids!

Enter the fray....

Fray Day 7 LA: LA Knocks It Out Of The Park
Posted by Anderson on Friday 3 October 03 @ 11:35PM

We had a great show filled with incredible stories, including a tale by Derek’s lovely sister. Photos and recap coming soon.

Fray Day 7 DC: And that's a wrap!
Posted by Geoffrey on Friday 3 October 03 @ 11:19PM

A quick note (as I'm about to collapse) but Fray Day DC was a roaring success! My thanks to everyone who came out to see the show. Details and media to come!

Whoof. G'night!

Fray Day 7 DC: Slight delay on Fray Day DC.
Posted by Geoffrey on Friday 3 October 03 @ 4:58PM

Hey, everybody -- slight delay on Fray Day DC. We're going to start at 9 instead of 8. Feel free to come down and grab some coffee and meet everybody, though!

Fray Day 7 LA: LA Photographer Needed
Posted by Anderson on Friday 3 October 03 @ 1:32PM

Our photographer had to cancel at the last minute. Is there someone else with a digital camera who wants to help out... I'll owe you one. --Lance

Fray Day 7 Bennington: Interaction Beyond the Event
Posted by Stef on Friday 3 October 03 @ 11:28AM

Taking a cue from projects like 1000 Journals, Fray Day Bennington is going to start a Story Journal tomorrow night. Maybe you're a little shy about the open mic? No problem! Contribute your story to the Story Journal! It will be passed around all night and a mailing sign-up sheet will also be available if you'd rather write your story at home. We'll pass the journal around and then, someday when it comes back to me, I'll scan it all in for the world to see. So even if you aren't ready to face the stage, bring your stories along!

Fray Day 7 Houston: Fray Day on Houston Radio
Posted by Robert on Friday 3 October 03 @ 7:57AM

This morning I did a little promo appearance about Fray Day Houston on KPFT Radio. For those wondering who told the stories that went on the air, here's information about that. John Halcyon Styn (aka Life Student), told the great story about his grandfather, Lunch with Grandpa Caleb. (More stories here ). BTW, Grandpa Caleb has his own wonderful website ; Grandpa even has a weblog . Also, the second piece they played, Another Day at the Video Store, was written and performed by Kevin Smokler , a young writer living in San Francisco (more stories here). These stories came from the Fray Cafe 3 Austin CD, which can be purchased for $13. By the way, neither John nor Kevin live in Houston, so they won't be at the event tomorrow (except perhaps in spirit). Have no fear though; The Houston Fray Day event will undoubtedly bring entertaining stories by Houstonians as well. If you want to hear to hear the stories featured on the radio again, you can actually download or stream the audio for free.

Fray Day 7 Central Florida: the early morning after.
Posted by Andy on Thursday 2 October 03 @ 10:06PM

I'll post more (including a couple pictures) when I'm fully conscious and coherent, but Fray Day Central Florida is now officially over, and it far exceeded our expectations. Thanks so much to:

+ the well over two hundred people who came to hear true stories.

+ the 24 people who read or told their stories during the two and a half plus hours.

+ the two people who helped me plan and organize this, Nancy Barber and Melissa Shaddix.

You all rock.

Fray Day 7 DC: Featured perfomers: Geoffrey Long.
Posted by Geoffrey on Thursday 2 October 03 @ 9:41PM

The final featured performer for Fray Day 7 DC is, well, me.

long.jpgGeoffrey Long has always loved to read, write, and design, which led him to found Inkblots Magazine in 1995. Since then, he has earned his degree in English and Philosophy from Kenyon College, relocated from Ohio to Bethesda, Maryland, and had his work appear in Polaris, Gothik, {fray} and Hika. His weblog, Tip of the Quill, is the editorial at Inkblots, and his personal site/portfolio is available at

All right, it's t-minus just less than 20 hours and counting. C'mon down tonight and join the fray!

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: In the press
Posted by Derek on Thursday 2 October 03 @ 6:02PM

Fray Day 7 San Francisco is getting some nice mentions in the local press! The SF Weekly called us "motormouths," but anything to get in the calendar. And the SF Gate made us one of their ePicks for the weekend. And the SF Bay Guardian mentioned us in their stage listings for the first time ever. And Upcoming currently lists 15 people attending! Hope they bring friends.

Fray Day 7 Grand Rapids: Featured Performer: Margaret Broersma
Posted by Aaron on Thursday 2 October 03 @ 7:16AM

Margaret teaches english and literature at Kendall College of Art and Design. She has survived the death of a spouse, the raising of five children, and two open-heart surgeries. She has written five books on stepfamilies including, Devotions for Blended Families and Daily Reflections for Stepparents. She enjoys working in her garden, spending time with her grandchildren and driving her new Volkswagen Beetle.

Fray Day 7 Grand Rapids: Featured Performer: Rick Beerhorst
Posted by Aaron on Thursday 2 October 03 @ 7:05AM

Rick works as a painter and musician. His paintings have been shown in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. He and his wife Brenda are raising their five children in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is his second year at Fray Day.

Fray Day 7 Central Florida: Today's the day
Posted by Andy on Thursday 2 October 03 @ 5:38AM

Tonight's the night for the inaugural Fray Day Central Florida.

Here in DeLand, also known as the Athens of the South, the stage is set (if you're telling a story you'll have a number of options as to where to sit or stand) and the chairs are waiting for bodies.

The event's free, and doors open around 7:45. The other details, in case you weren't paying attention: 8 p.m., Stover Theatre on Stetson University's campus, 535 N Florida Avenue, DeLand. Here's an interactive map and directions. Free parking is in the grassy space in front of the theatre, accessible from Florida Ave.; this campus map identifies that parking near the theatre (#4 on the left-hand side) with the letters ACRV.

See you tonight.

Fray Day 7 LA: Emmy Award Winning Writer Added
Posted by Anderson on Thursday 2 October 03 @ 12:05AM

Joseph Dougherty received an Emmy and The Humanitas Prize for his writing on the groundbreaking television series "thirtysomething." He was nominated for Drama Desk and Critic's Outer Circle Awards for his Off-Broadway play "Digby," and wrote the libretto for the Tony Award winning musical adaptation of "My Favorite Year" produced at Lincoln Center. His movies for HBO include "Cast A Deadly Spell," which was nominated for a Ray Bradbury Award by The Mystery Writers of America, and the contemporary remake of "The Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman." Recently he has written for the series "Once and Again," "Judging Amy" and "Presidio Med."

Fray Day 7 DC: Featured performers: SarahScott Brett.
Posted by Geoffrey on Wednesday 1 October 03 @ 8:07PM

Nearing the end of our featured performers list, I'm proud to bring you SarahScott Brett, an old college friend of mine and one of the most brilliant, creative people I know. For her bio, SarahScott writes:

brett2.jpgSarahScott Brett graduated from Kenyon College with a degree in Medieval and Renaissance Studies in the spring of 2000. Since then she has worked as an office admin, a nursery school teacher, a bookseller, an EMT, and a ski patroller. Currently, she is in a post-baccalaureate pre-medical program at Goucher College with intent to start medical school in fall of 2005.
According to legend, SarahScott came home from a storytelling event at age 6 and recited all of "Wicked John," complete with Appalachian accent, having heard it once. Given the number of tales she's heard (and lived) since then, I'm betting she'll have a fine one for us come Friday. Come down and join us!

Fray Day 7 DC: Some more Fray Day DC clarifications.
Posted by Geoffrey on Wednesday 1 October 03 @ 3:45PM

Hey, all -- after having received a few more emails, I thought I'd add a few more clarifications for Friday night's big show.

It's okay to bring notes! Think of this as a performance from your high school speech class, only much cooler and much more relaxed. If you're spooked that you're going to get up there and blank out, bring some note cards! Bring a notebook! We'd rather you didn't get up there and just read, but you're more than welcome to bring whatever references you need to be comfortable. Remember, you're among friends here.

It's okay to bring a guitar! Are you one of those folks who's handy with the musical instruments and have a true ballad you'd like to perform? Cool, that counts! Come on down and sign up for the open mic. Which brings me to...

The open mic is first-come, first-served, and you don't need to email me in advance. There will be a signup sheet and a stack of performance guidelines there at the event. Think you want to come down and see what others are doing before you commit to sharing a story yourself? Perfectly, perfectly fine.

Right! Any more questions? Send 'em along. I hope to see you there!

Fray Day 7 DC: Featured performers: David Seitzinger.
Posted by Geoffrey on Wednesday 1 October 03 @ 3:08PM

Next up on our list of featured performers is DC-based photographer, designer and animator David Seitzinger. For his bio, David writes:

seitzinger.jpgDavid Seitzinger graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design with a degree in Industrial Design, and is currently a graphic designer in Washington, DC. Besides photography, David enjoys 3D animation, sculpture and jewelry making. Most recently, he participated in an outdoor public art project in Erie, Pennsylvania called "GoFish!" Erie. His "Blackened Whitefish" was sent to Chicago to be a part of the "City Critters" exhibit at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

David (who I swear isn't as scary as that photo makes him appear) maintains his photographic weblog over at – swing by for a number of really great shots, including photos from the story I believe he's planning to spin for us on Friday!

Fray Day 7 DC: Featured performers: Kori Lusignan.
Posted by Geoffrey on Wednesday 1 October 03 @ 2:54PM

Continuing our announcements of featured performers for Fray Day 7 DC, I'm pleased to introduce y'all to the lovely Kori Lusignan. For her bio, Kori writes:

lusignan.jpgKori is an almost-thirty-something Wisconsin native who lives to be a cliche by trucking cheese back to the DC area each time she visits her childhood home. A 1995 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with majors in political science and French, Kori now works in the apolitical, English-based field of graphic design. Highlights of her life include learning the oboe, living for a year in the south of France (a la Peter Mayle), and most importantly, marrying the love of her life. She met her husband Mike in the first grade but swears they didn't start dating until after college graduation. Kori and her hubby live in Arlington with their two wonderdogs, Ada and Wilbur. No matter what she accomplishes with her life, she will probably be best known for her infectious laugh. Infections are a good thing, right?

Kori's one of those folks who always has great stories about life, love and just about anything under the sun. Personally, I can't wait to see what she shows up with on Friday night. Be there!

Fray Day 7 LA: StoryFest 2003
Posted by Anderson on Wednesday 1 October 03 @ 1:03AM

Story Salon in conjunction with Fray will present StoryFest 2003, four nights of personal storytelling October 1 – 4 including Fray Day LA 7 on Friday October 3. For more information visit Story Salon’s new website.

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