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Fray Day 8
October - December, 2004
The fray organization is devoted to the art of the personal story. We hold events where real people tell true stories in real time. And you're invited. Previously
Fray Cafe Austin 4
14 March 2004
Austin, TX
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Fray Day 8: Oct. - Dec.
Los Angeles, CA: Oct. 23
Grand Rapids, MI: Nov. 13

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September 2003

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: As seen in Flavorpill
Posted by Derek on Tuesday 30 September 03 @ 3:50PM

There's a really nice mention of Fray Day in the SF and LA editions of today's Flavorpill. Flavorpill is a the cool event guide to know about, so it's quite an honor!

Fray Day 7 DC: Featured performers: Michael Alex Wasylik.
Posted by Geoffrey on Tuesday 30 September 03 @ 2:10PM

Continuing the announcements of Fray Day DC's featured performers comes one of my favorite fray alums (and my absolute favorite lawyer), Mike Wasylik. For his bio, Mike writes:

wasylik.jpgMichael Alex Wasylik is a litigation attorney in Northern Virginia, which means he makes his living telling stories based loosely on reality to captive audiences who mostly wish they were somewhere else.

When he's not weaving a fascinating yarn, he's proudest of being the father of Alex and the husband of Dineen. When asked for comment on whether that pride is reciprocated, Dineen and Alex declined to comment.

Mike's weblog can be found at, and a sample of his storytelling prowess, "Untied," can be found on the Fray Cafe 3 CD.

Fray Day 7 Chicago: Go Cubs!
Posted by tkeelan on Tuesday 30 September 03 @ 11:54AM

Alright, everybody get out and root for the Cubs to sweep or at least win in 4! Game 5 would be Sunday night. But .... Cubs or no Cubs - the Fray is on!

Fray Day 7 Chicago: Start Time Correction - 7:00 PM
Posted by tkeelan on Tuesday 30 September 03 @ 11:51AM

Holy shit! Sally Ann just called to say all of our posters say the event is starting at 7:00 PM but he Fray website says 8:00. The answer is 7:00. Doors open at 7:00 the storytelling will get started around 7:30. Sorry for the screw up.

Fray Day 7 Grand Rapids: Featured Performer: Paul Moore
Posted by Aaron on Tuesday 30 September 03 @ 9:25AM

Paul Moore is a freelance filmmaker and writer who lives and works in Grand Rapids. He has been married to Kristen for almost two years. They are about to buy their first house.

Fray Day 7 DC: Some Fray Day DC clarifications.
Posted by Geoffrey on Tuesday 30 September 03 @ 9:24AM

It has come to my attention that there are still some decent-sized questions floating around about Fray Day DC this year. So, a few answers are in order.

Fray Day DC is a free event. Thanks to the fantastic people running our venue, we don't need to sell tickets! Come on down for an evening of free storytelling and entertainment.

Fray Day DC will have refreshments available via the venue. Since I moved here, Common Grounds has received way too much of my money. I recommend their chai and their mochas. Their menu is available here. If you're looking for more sizeable sustenance, there's a diner right across the street, and a number of other restaraunts within walking distance.

Fray Day DC will have free wi-fi access on location. Want to come down, bring your laptop and blog the event in real-time? Go for it!

Fray Day DC parking may be limited, so you might want to take the Metro. There's a decent-sized parking lot right next to our venue, and parking should be free at that time of night, but Common Grounds tends to be kind of hopping on a Friday night, so you might want to take the train. The Metro stop is Clarendon. Come up out of the station, do a U-turn and walk until you see the place. You can't miss it -- it's a small house-type place across a wide intersection of streets a block or two down.

Fray Day DC is going to be laid-back. Some Fray Day events are big three-ring events. Fray Day DC is going to be more like a bunch of friends sitting around telling stories. Well, sure, with a stage. And a mic. And maybe a videocamera. But! The important thing is that you'll be among friends here, telling tales in a comfortable little coffeeshop. Come on down and swap some stories!

Any other questions? Drop me a line. I hope to see you there!

Fray Day 7 Grand Rapids: Featured Performer: Aaron B. Smith
Posted by Aaron on Tuesday 30 September 03 @ 9:24AM

This is Aaronís third year at Fray Day and his first year of hosting. He is a writer and filmmaker. He has been married to Rebecca for almost two years.

Fray Day 7 Grand Rapids: Featured Performer: Bonnie Jo Campbell
Posted by Aaron on Tuesday 30 September 03 @ 9:17AM

Bonnie Jo Campbell has authored two books, Women and Other Animals (a collection of short stories) and Q Road (a novel). She has earned numerous awards and accolades for her work. She has hitchhiked across the U.S. and Canada, scaled the Swiss Alps on her bicycle, and traveled with the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus selling snow cones. As president of Goulash Tours Inc., she has organized and led adventure tours in Russia and the Baltics, and all the way south to Romania and Bulgaria. She lives with her husband and other animals outside Kalamazoo, MI. In her spare time, she created her a microbrew to go with her novel. Itís called Q Brew.

Fray Day 7 DC: Featured performers: David Thomas.
Posted by Geoffrey on Monday 29 September 03 @ 8:15PM

Third on our list of featured performers is David Thomas. For his bio, he writes:

thomas.jpgDavid Thomas is an independent filmmaker in Baltimore, MD, where he attended JHU, graduating a semester before they introduced their film program. (Sigh.) He's written, directed and produced two shorts - "The Least Dangerous Game" and "Attack of the Bobbleheads" - and a feature, "All Night Thing." He's very opinionated about film, as you can tell by one
glance at his weblog,

David is also a film critic for Inkblots, as well as a returning Fray talent, whose story "Riot at the Quaker Auditorium" appears on the Fray Cafe 3 CD.

More featured performers to come!

Fray Day 7 DC: Featured perfomers: William R. Coughlan.
Posted by Geoffrey on Monday 29 September 03 @ 7:58PM

Next up on our featured performers list is William R. Coughlan, a screenwriter, animator, film producer and critic. For his bio, William writes:

coughlan.jpgWilliam R. Coughlan is a video producer for The Advisory Board Company in Washington, D.C., where he began as a graphic designer before segueing into video and multimedia. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of William and Mary and a Doctor of Divinity from the Universal Life Church. He dabbles in screenwriting, acting, three-dimensional animation, and writing autobiographical comments in the third person. He is also the illustrator of Stories for Children with Problems & Wishes and an occasional contributor to the online literary magazine Inkblots. His weblog, Prometheus Unleashed, is available at He currently resides in Burke, Virginia, with his wife Pam and their two daughters.
What he didn't put in there is that he's also one of those people who can tell a really, really boisterous story when he gets into it. This is going to be good.

Fray Day 7 DC: Featured performers: Talon Beeson
Posted by Geoffrey on Monday 29 September 03 @ 7:45PM

Hey, DC storytellers! Our Internet access finally returned this morning after Hurricane Isabel came a-thunderin' through, so I can, at long last, share with you some of our featured perfomers. First up is Talon Beeson, an old friend of mine who is coming all the way from Chicago to regale us with stories of his adventures in the theater business. For his bio, Talon writes:

beeson.gifTalon Beeson is an actor/voice over artist living and working in Chicago, Illinois. He can be heard as the character George Sebastian on the nationally-syndicated radio drama "Left Behind" as well as the national radio spokesman for DeVry University. He recently returned from New York City, where he played Dr. Caravello in the NY premiere of "Poseidon! An Upside Down Musical" (where he got the story he'll be telling). He is thrilled the Cubs are in the postseason. Go Bears!
When I first spoke with him about this, he was also threatening to bring his guitar. Stay tuned! (Um, no pun intended. I swear.)

Fray Day 7 LA: LA Finds Mike Bonifer
Posted by Anderson on Monday 29 September 03 @ 6:15PM

Mike Bonifer is a writer and director based in Los Angeles whose most recent projects are "Band Camp," an original script being produced by Universal Pictures; a documentary entitled "Finding Bill Murray"; and a children's film called "Bill's Trash Can Rocket"; At the Fray event in June in Sedona, Arizona, Bonifer told a story about a Japanese tea ceremony gone so wrong that they're still talking about it in Tokyo...

Fray Day 7 Copenhagen: Fortællere 2 (featured performers 2)
Posted by Rasmus on Monday 29 September 03 @ 3:39PM

This post is in Danish, continuing the presentation of the featured performers at the Copenhagen Fray Day event.

Her fortsætter den korte introduktion af de programsatte fortællere til Fray Day på søndag. Se også den første præsentation af fortællerne og den generelle introduktion til arrangementet.

Continue reading "Fortællere 2 (featured performers 2)" »

Fray Day 7 LA: Juliet Curry Added to Featured Tellers
Posted by Anderson on Monday 29 September 03 @ 1:29PM

Juliet Curry, has performed around the world with a variety of groups and shows, including ImprovOlympic, The Second City, ComedySportz, and the critically acclaimed Boom Chicago, based in Amsterdam. Juliet's has taught improvisation and comedy workshops to students internationally, traveling to Holland, Switzerland, Portugal and beyond. Here in LA, she is a founding member of the all-female improvisation group, Powerbox, which had a two year run at the ImprovOlympic West. She has written and performed her pieces for numerous showsincluding "Deflowered," 15 Minutes of Fem, the Lysistrata Benefit, Story Salon,and The Fray.

Fray Day 7 New Haven: New Haven Features
Posted by Artspace on Monday 29 September 03 @ 12:24PM

We've got some great writers on the slate for Fray Day 7. Join us at ARTSPACE, 50 Orange St., New Haven, CT. Hosted by Jennifer Dauphinais, from the New Haven Advocate.

Featured storytellers:

Adrian Brune, (
Robert Noble, (
James Velvet, (
Ernst, from Oasis D'Neon Magazine
Craig Gilbert, (

Contact Jenn D :

Fray Day 7 Houston: Coming to Fray Houston
Posted by Robert on Monday 29 September 03 @ 10:34AM

Some notes about getting to Nexus Cafe. Nexus Cafe is on the 2nd floor of Walden Internet Village leasing office. To enter Nexus Cafe, park and walk through the giant doors in the middle of the row of the Walden apartment buildings (You will not need to go through the security gates). Chances are you won't be able to find a parking spot at the front, but you can easily park across the street or at the church parking lot on the other side. The event starts at 8:00, and seating is very limited, so come early.

Also, be sure to eat before coming. The cafe offers only the basics of coffee, beverages and vending machines. We are not talking about a fine dining establishment, but more of a geek hangout. Please don't bring any food or drinks.

Another thing. The flyer mentioned that we will have music, and at the moment that appears not to be the case. Also, we still have a few more openings for storytellers. --If anybody has ideas, please contact me at The event is free, but a $1 donation is recommended.

Fray Day 7 Houston: How to Learn about Storytelling Events?
Posted by Robert on Monday 29 September 03 @ 10:22AM

How does one hear about literary/storytelling events in Houston? In addition to the Houston Storytellers' Guild Calendar , there is Houston Great Books , Event Calendars by KUHF and KPFT , Readings at Brazos Bookstore and Margaret Brown Reading Series , Houston Press' Picks of the Week , CityCafe and Meetup Houston . Also, Fray founder Derek Powazek's Storyblog offers excellent picks about online storytelling sites.

Fray Day 7 Chicago: More Featured Performers!
Posted by tkeelan on Monday 29 September 03 @ 10:18AM   0 Comments

Chicago has rounded out the featured performers. Along with David Kokeski, Billy Lombardo, Elyzabeth Ashe we have Jason Pettus and Tyler Bohne. Updated bios's on everyone are below.

Continue reading "More Featured Performers!" »

Fray Day 7 Austin: Long Time, No Blog!
Posted by benbrown on Monday 29 September 03 @ 7:35AM

Dear everyone,

It has been a long, hard road since the last time I blogged for you about the upcoming and very exciting Fray Day Austin 7 7 7! But here I am to tell you that things are still on schedule, rolling forward like a great big truck on it's way to Heaven, if your particular religion defines Heaven as a night of personal story telling.

We have featured speakers! Michael Brown! Kevin Newsum! Tim Thompson! Julie Pennington! And of course, your loving and attentive MC, Ben Brown!

Here is your homework assignment: Go get in the shower, wash off the stinky Austin dirt that covers your body, and think up a special story for Fray Day. It can be serious. It can be dark and mysterious. It can be hilarious. All we care about is that the adjective used to describe your story ends in -ious! Delicious!

I will blog again for you soon. And if I don't, I will see you on Saturday at 8pm at The Escapist Bookstore.

Fray Day 7 Bennington: Last minute call!
Posted by Stef on Sunday 28 September 03 @ 9:34PM

Coming to Fray Day Bennington? About ready to burst with the story you're going to tell?

Drop me a line! (

We JUST MIGHT have a featured performer slot open for those who would be interested in paving the way for all the nervous nelly open mic-ers.

And for all of you who are just coming to watch, have I mentioned that the event is totally free? Except of course if you want any of the fine nibblys that the South Street Cafe has to offer.

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Tickets and schedules
Posted by Derek on Sunday 28 September 03 @ 9:21PM

Just a reminder that tickets for Fray Day 7 San Francisco will only be sold at the Victoria Theater box office, starting at 6pm on Saturday. The doors will open at 7pm and the show will begin at 7:30pm. If you'd like to sign up for the open microphone, be sure to read this and this and show up right at 7pm! The sign up sheet will be in the lobby. See you soon!

Fray Day 7 Central Florida: Parking, a preview, and more.
Posted by Andy on Saturday 27 September 03 @ 7:23PM

If you're an O-Town resident who read about Fray Day Central Florida in the Orlando Sentinel on Friday, or if you've just been following along diligently here, we're looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Directions are in an earlier post; it's easy to find, and there's parking on both University Ave next to the tennis courts, and there's a big grass parking lot on the other side of the tennis courts in front of the theatre.

If you're attending and would like to tell a story of your own, please drop me an e.mail message; we're going to have a first-come, first-storytell sign-up sheet at the event, but I'd like to get an idea of who's planning to read, especially those who are making a long-distance trip for the occasion.

Also, here's a preview of our interactive art project: It will involve many post-it notes. You'll have to show up if you want to know more.

Fray Day 7 Tucson: Fray 7 Tucson Poster dl!
Posted by Cia on Thursday 25 September 03 @ 6:27PM

Derek suggested we share our poster by Bradley Zimmerman! You can download the pdf (328k) and print one for yourself (you'll need Acrobat Reader). And, as long as you're at it, print a few for your local hangouts. Thanks for helping to spread the word!

Fray Day 7 Bennington: Where the heck is Bennington?
Posted by Stef on Wednesday 24 September 03 @ 11:59AM

Thinking about coming to Fray Day Bennington but have no idea how to get there? Being but a wee Vermont town on a list of big cities, I thought a set of directions might be helpful. Once you reach downtown Bennington, well... you're done! The South Street Cafe is just steps from the main intersection of US Route 7 (aka South Street) and VT Route 9.

Fray Day 7 Grand Rapids: DATE, TIME. LOCATION
Posted by Aaron on Wednesday 24 September 03 @ 9:15AM

FRAY DAY 7 Grand Rapids.

October 4, 2003


7 Ionia (across the street from TAPS bar)

Fray Day 7 NYC: Fray Day NYC Cancelled
Posted by Josh on Wednesday 24 September 03 @ 12:04AM

Sorry to report that Fray Day 7 in NYC is a no-go. I've had to take an amazing employment opportunity in the Bay Area, and was unable to find someone to take over the reins of the operation in time to get it working. My apologies to you all.

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Will you be there?
Posted by Derek on Tuesday 23 September 03 @ 9:16PM

Will you be attending Fray Day 7 San Francisco? Got a website? Then tell the world with one of these spiffy images!

Continue reading "Will you be there?" »

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Featured Performer: Alexis Harte
Posted by Derek on Tuesday 23 September 03 @ 8:21AM

alexI'm thrilled to annoucne a third musical guest to the bill: Alexis Harte. Alexis' songs are like "little movies dipped in Bourbon and hung to dry on guitar strings." While living and working as an ecologist in Brazil and elsewhere, he absorbed countless musical styles and has infused his own developing brand of Americana with both a hyper-rhythmic flavor and a daring melodic sense. Harte's debut album, Junebug, was chosen by Performing Songwriter Magazine as a top 12 Independent Release in 2001. They write, "Harte's lyrics are kitchen-table-simple and stay rooted in the staples of nature, love, reflection without sounding self-indulgent or out of touch with reality."

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Featured Performer: Kevin Smokler
Posted by Derek on Tuesday 23 September 03 @ 8:15AM

kevinI'm happy to announce that Frayer Kevin Smokler will be joining us on stage again this year. Kevin is a book critic for the San Francisco Chronicle and a contributor to NPR. He's editing a book right now but probably not as you read this. He's also been a powerful force behind the scenes here at Fray, as well as contributing to the recent Litquake festival and running his own series of readings at the Canvas Gallery.

Fray Day 7 Tucson: Fray Volunteers Meet
Posted by Cia on Monday 22 September 03 @ 10:04PM

Meet at Biblio Tuesday eve at 7 to finalize plans for Fray Tucson! We heard that Al Foul may come tell a story before swaggering out to play the Crawl. And psychic Vee Phillips will be joining the Fray as well. Warner said "message in a bottle," so we will be providing the means for people to create those, and the means to scatter them to the winds.

Fray Day 7 Copenhagen: Fortællere (featured performers)
Posted by Rasmus on Monday 22 September 03 @ 1:15PM

This post is in Danish, about some of the featured performers at the Copenhagen Fray Day.

For at sætte Fray Day aftenen godt i gang, vil der vanen tro være en række programsatte fortællere. Her følger en lille introduktion af nogle af dem ...

Continue reading "Fortællere (featured performers)" »

Fray Day 7 Tucson: Fray Tucson featured performers
Posted by Cia on Thursday 18 September 03 @ 6:37PM

Annoucing some of our featured performers: Emcee Diane Bombshelter, Maggie Golston, Jef Hamby, Drew Burke, Kim Beth, Regina Kelly, Sean Fitzpatrick, Jae Sutherland, Cia Romano, and a special performance by Tom Walbank. Special (returning) musical guests AZSessions, featuring Chooch, Madrid, and emmfour. Join us!

Fray Day 7 Chicago: Storytellers sign up ...
Posted by tkeelan on Thursday 18 September 03 @ 1:28PM

Chicago ... sign up for the open mic portion of the Fray Day. Send me an email at and we will put you on the list! Check out the performance guidelines first.

Fray Day 7 Chicago: Featured Performers Announced...
Posted by tkeelan on Thursday 18 September 03 @ 1:18PM

David Kodeski, Billy Lombardo, Elyzabeth Ashe.... Fray Day 7 Chicago is shaping up! We have some great featured performers and more on the way.

Continue reading "Featured Performers Announced..." »

Fray Day 7 LA: LA Open Mic Sign-up
Posted by Anderson on Wednesday 17 September 03 @ 12:04PM

Attention all storytellers in the Los Angeles area: Sign-up for the Open Mic portion of Fray Day LA by sending me email today. The first ten people will be guaranteed a slot on the bill, plus a mention here on the Fray site. But please read the guidelines first! Thanks.

Fray Day 7 Houston: List of Featured Storytellers
Posted by Robert on Wednesday 17 September 03 @ 10:44AM

brian harrodBrian Herod (Bio) is a professional storyteller and member of the Houston Storytellers' Guild. He has received several awards and grants for his storytelling.

Robert Nagle
Robert Nagle (me). I'll be telling a story, "Finding Sako" about my attempt to track down an Albanian artist in Tirana, Albana. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Albania between 1995 and 1997.

Katy Kirby is an writer and independent filmmaker with a background in TV, documentaries and film. She has lived and worked in Texas and New York and has been known to hang around the Aurora Picture Show and KPFT radio station. Her story will be about her adventures on the New York City subways.

David Chien
David Chien is a young graphic artist and cartoonist. His story is entitled, "The Nasty Leg Scar."

Matthew Mullenweg is a student at University of Houston, web programmer (and lead developer of wordpress), saxophone player and photo fanatic . He attended HSVPA high school in Houston.

Cliff Maat is a 38 year old engineer and schoolteacher from California. He was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana and Russia; his story is about a certain cave trip to Russia...

More to come. Feel free to email me if you are interested in being a featured storyteller.

Fray Day 7 Central Florida: Posters for Florida
Posted by Andy on Tuesday 16 September 03 @ 4:58PM

With the inaugural edition of Florida's Fray Day two weeks, two days, and two minutes away, we hope that fans of fray and others are making plans to come to DeLand for the event. We have a big theatre with plenty of seats, and they look much better with bodies in them.

To help spread the word, here are some posters that you can print and hang up from Winter Park to Wakulla Springs to West Palm Beach:

black and white

Fray Day 7 LA: Dan Farren Graces LA
Posted by Anderson on Tuesday 16 September 03 @ 11:43AM

Dan Farren has been a regular on the stand-up comedy circuit for several years. His TV appearances include VH1, the Game Show Network, To Tell the Truth and NBC's Secrets of Pro Wrestling Exposed (he can't tell you who he was, because then it wouldn't be a secret).

Farren has had articles, plays and stories published in a variety of mediums and with his writing-producing partner Shari Becker, was the co-author of Underwhere?, one of the hits of this years Los Angeles Playwright's Express Festival. A regular at Beverly Mickin's Story Salon, Danís recent one person storytelling show, What Does Not Kill Me, Hurts For A Real Long Time, had a successful run at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre in North Hollywood.

Fray Day 7 Houston: What Stories to Tell?
Posted by Robert on Tuesday 16 September 03 @ 11:05AM

Some have wondered what kind of storytelling works well for Fray Day? Fray has some helpful performance guidelines. Read on for some other idle thoughts....

Continue reading "What Stories to Tell? " »

Fray Day 7 Houston: Share Stories/Share the Music?
Posted by Robert on Tuesday 16 September 03 @ 10:34AM

A random thought. I recently wrote an essay, Share the Music, calling for people to share their music more. So I thought, if a cultured crowd of people are getting together to swap stories, why not swap music as well? So if you want to participate (and this is purely voluntary ), bring 2 copies of a mix CD you made, and bring it to the event. Then we can swap. That will show the RIAA Bullies a thing or two.

Fray Day 7 Houston: Fray Day is Free!
Posted by Robert on Tuesday 16 September 03 @ 10:26AM

Just in case you were wondering, Fray Day 7 Houston is a free event! But a few things to keep in mind: Nexus Cafe will have concessions (coffee, snacks, etc) for a small fee, and I will have Fray Day 7 T-shirts available for sale at the event as well. Also, a small number of CDs from the 2003 Fray Cafe in Austin will be available for sale as well.

Fray Day 7 Bennington: Featured Performer: Joseph Plessas
Posted by Stef on Monday 15 September 03 @ 9:44PM

Joseph PlessasJoseph Plessas is an acclaimed musician and songwriter from Upstate NY. Formerly of The Bedouins, Joe has released 3 independent albums. His most recent, "1/2", has been called "original, irreverent and intriguing" and "a triumph... over eclectic styles, over normal boundaries, over restrictive thinking." He refuses to comment on the fact that he and the organizer of Fray Day Bennington are all married and stuff. The organizer asks for forgiveness for playing favorites for tunes, but she just moved here and doesn't know anyone yet. Regardless, Syracuse's favorite son will be a treat and we're thrilled to have him as our musical guest.

Fray Day 7 LA: LA's Smokin' Line-up
Posted by Anderson on Monday 15 September 03 @ 4:19PM

Los Angeles is going to be smokiní with a line-up that includes: Waymon Barnes, Celia Hemken, Paul Jacek, Marti MacGibbon, Julio Martinez, Beverly Mickins and American Comedy Award-winner writer/comedian Cathy Ladman. Bios coming soon.

Fray Day 7 Houston: Sound recording anyone?
Posted by Robert on Monday 15 September 03 @ 10:01AM

I don't know if sound engineers read sites like this, but if anyone has the desire and/or the capability to record this event, let me know. If so, then then perhaps these recordings could be put on the Net for everyone to hear.

Fray Day 7 Houston: Downloadable Flyer Available
Posted by Robert on Monday 15 September 03 @ 6:37AM

Houston artist and web designer David Chien has made a cool Fray Day Houston poster. He will also be a featured performer at the event. You can view his portfolio which includes comics, murals, and animation.

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Join the Open Mic
Posted by Derek on Saturday 13 September 03 @ 8:06PM

One of the things that makes Fray Day special is that, in addition to the featured performers you see listed here, you are invited to come on stage and tell a story in the open mic. In fact, we sprinkle the open mic participants throughout the evening, to keep things interesting.

Wanna sign up? Read on for the details....

Continue reading "Join the Open Mic" »

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Updated Poster
Posted by Derek on Friday 12 September 03 @ 4:04PM

We've updated the Fray Day 7 San Francisco poster with a few names of featured performers, as well as the correct time (Doors open at 7pm!). You can download the pdf (402k) and print one for yourself (you'll need Acrobat Reader). And, as long as you're at it, print a few for your local hangouts. Thanks for helping to spread the word!

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Featured Performer: Noe Venable
Posted by Derek on Friday 12 September 03 @ 2:20PM

noeNoe Venable is a songwriter, singer, and writer who has released 4 records independently, the most recent of which, The World is Bound by Secret Knots, just came out this August. Long hailed as an innovative and prolific recording artist, Noe has also recently put in a good deal of time on the road, opening tours for such diverse artists as Ani Difranco, They Might be Giants, Boz Scaggs, and Dar Williams, and sharing bills with a plethora of other interesting characters, including yelping accordionists, aging punks and an Elvis impersonator who drinks his own pee. For two consecutive years, Noe has been nominated for a California Music Award, and this past year, San Francisco Magazine named Noe one of San Francisco's 100 most talented people. I'm thrilled to welcome her to the stage at Fray Day San Francisco as a special musical guest.

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Featured Performer: Beth Lisick
Posted by Derek on Thursday 11 September 03 @ 6:05PM

beth.jpgI'm stoked to welcome Beth Lisick as a featured performer. In addition to co-founding another San Francisco storytelling event series called Porchlight, Beth is a writer, performer and Bay Area native. Her parents still live in the house she grew up in, but her bedroom is now a tastefully-decorated guest room with lavender accents and floral pillow shams.

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Featured Performer: Daphne Gottlieb
Posted by Derek on Tuesday 9 September 03 @ 10:52PM

daphneDaphne Gottlieb stitches together the ivory tower and the gutter just using her tongue. She is the author of Final Girl (Soft Skull Press, 2003), Why Things Burn (Soft Skull Press, 2001) and Pelt (Odd Girls Press, 1999). Why Things Burn was the winner of a 2001 Firecracker Alternative Book Award (Special Recognition - Spoken Word) and was also a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for 2001.

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Featured Performer: Eric Rice
Posted by Derek on Tuesday 9 September 03 @ 4:30PM

ericI'm very excited to announce that Eric Rice will be taking the stage this year. Eric is an original frayer, contributing a chilling story way back in 1996. Eric will be telling a story about "Moments in Time" and he promises it's not nearly as daytime TV as it sounds.

Fray Day 7 Denver: Featured Guests
Posted by Robin on Monday 8 September 03 @ 12:28PM

More on our featured guests:

* Gia Mora Chinisci, singer/writer, will sing and read.
* Jason Cohn, formerly with band Super V, will play from his newest solo album.
* Michael Robinson, published author and editor of Denver's newest magazine, Revolution.

Fray Day 7 San Francisco: Featured Performer: Lance Arthur
Posted by Derek on Sunday 7 September 03 @ 11:21PM

lance.jpgI'm thrilled to announce that long time Fray performer and original Frayer Lance Arthur will be performing again at FD7 San Francisco. Lance swears he didn't do it, whatever it is. A citizen of San Francisco, Lance is a Creative Director for a company to be named later and spends his spare time writing, looking for love and pissing off car owners on his bike. He is a friend to children everywhere and tends toward scowly rather than smiley.

Fray Day 7 Copenhagen: Now in Danish | Nu på dansk
Posted by Rasmus on Sunday 7 September 03 @ 2:40AM

The following entry is in Danish, explaining Fray Day Copenhagen in greater detail. A sort of FAQ, if you will. Danes, read all about it ...

Continue reading "Now in Danish | Nu på dansk" »

Fray Day 7 Copenhagen: News update from Copenhagen
Posted by Rasmus on Saturday 6 September 03 @ 6:39AM

Fray Day in Copenhagen is starting to take real form. Below is a picture of Märkbar, the venue, along with instructions on how to get there.

But before we get to that, listen to this: I have found a great set of allies, who'll help turn this event into an unforgettable evening. Some of the Copenhagen Bloggers (collective blog: CPHBlog), have agreed to help out. Expect more on this very soon!

Click for larger picture.Now, for those who wish to attend Fray Day in Copenhagen, this is how to get to Märkbar: You'll find it at Vesterbrogade 106A, where Vesterbrogade meets Enghavevej. Buses 3 and 6A both stop within walking distance. For further directions and map, check out Rejseplanen. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture of Märkbar.

Coming up in the news: Official press release, introduction of the evening's program and featured performers. Stay tuned.

Fray Day 7: Fourteen venues!
Posted by Derek on Friday 5 September 03 @ 4:06PM

With a month until Fray day 7, we now have our list of venues set. We've got fourteen venues this year - the most ever! Please give a warm welcome to the newest four: DeLand, Florida, Denver, Colorado, New York, New York, and Washington DC! If you live near one of these cities, we hope you'll come tell a story!

Fray Day 7 Denver: Denver Joins the Fray
Posted by Robin on Tuesday 2 September 03 @ 4:38PM

In the Rocky Mountains? Join us for our first Fray Day at the Bovine Metropolis Theatre located at 1527 Champa Street in Downtown Denver!
Free parking at the meters on Sundays! Can't beat that!

Fray Day 7 NYC: NYC SpaceTime Confirmed
Posted by Josh on Tuesday 2 September 03 @ 10:31AM

Fray's NYC presence is now confirmed and official. We assume control of the Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg Brooklyn at 9:30pm, Sunday the 5th. If you have NYC-specific questions, feel free to email me: frayday at

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