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spacer.gif spacer.gif Event Fray Day 7 Central Florida
Thursday 2 October 2003, 8pm
Stover Theatre: Stetson University, 535 N. Florida Ave. in DeLand
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Fray Day 8: Oct. - Dec.
Los Angeles, CA: Oct. 23
Grand Rapids, MI: Nov. 13

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Event News

The recap
Posted by Andy on Sunday 5 October 03 @ 4:24PM

post-it note life stories on a door

Once again, thanks to everyone who came and/or read as part of Fray Day Central Florida. Here are the highlights and a quasi-recap of Thursday evening:

+ In the lobby on the way in or out, those people who wanted to read wrote their names and places of origin on an index card. And we asked everyone to write their life stories onto Post-It notes and then stick them to a disembodied door that we brought in. More than 60 people did so, and the results included stories such as these:

"Anonymous but gifted." "Just imagine free falling for 6,665 days. That's my life." "Mashed potatoes." "One time I got my nipples licked." "was born. lived. loved. died (almost)" "Born. Obsessed. Compulsed. Wrote about it. Still writing."

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the early morning after.
Posted by Andy on Thursday 2 October 03 @ 10:06PM

I'll post more (including a couple pictures) when I'm fully conscious and coherent, but Fray Day Central Florida is now officially over, and it far exceeded our expectations. Thanks so much to:

+ the well over two hundred people who came to hear true stories.

+ the 24 people who read or told their stories during the two and a half plus hours.

+ the two people who helped me plan and organize this, Nancy Barber and Melissa Shaddix.

You all rock.

Today's the day
Posted by Andy on Thursday 2 October 03 @ 5:38AM

Tonight's the night for the inaugural Fray Day Central Florida.

Here in DeLand, also known as the Athens of the South, the stage is set (if you're telling a story you'll have a number of options as to where to sit or stand) and the chairs are waiting for bodies.

The event's free, and doors open around 7:45. The other details, in case you weren't paying attention: 8 p.m., Stover Theatre on Stetson University's campus, 535 N Florida Avenue, DeLand. Here's an interactive map and directions. Free parking is in the grassy space in front of the theatre, accessible from Florida Ave.; this campus map identifies that parking near the theatre (#4 on the left-hand side) with the letters ACRV.

See you tonight.

Parking, a preview, and more.
Posted by Andy on Saturday 27 September 03 @ 7:23PM

If you're an O-Town resident who read about Fray Day Central Florida in the Orlando Sentinel on Friday, or if you've just been following along diligently here, we're looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Directions are in an earlier post; it's easy to find, and there's parking on both University Ave next to the tennis courts, and there's a big grass parking lot on the other side of the tennis courts in front of the theatre.

If you're attending and would like to tell a story of your own, please drop me an e.mail message; we're going to have a first-come, first-storytell sign-up sheet at the event, but I'd like to get an idea of who's planning to read, especially those who are making a long-distance trip for the occasion.

Also, here's a preview of our interactive art project: It will involve many post-it notes. You'll have to show up if you want to know more.

Posters for Florida
Posted by Andy on Tuesday 16 September 03 @ 4:58PM

With the inaugural edition of Florida's Fray Day two weeks, two days, and two minutes away, we hope that fans of fray and others are making plans to come to DeLand for the event. We have a big theatre with plenty of seats, and they look much better with bodies in them.

To help spread the word, here are some posters that you can print and hang up from Winter Park to Wakulla Springs to West Palm Beach:

black and white

Fray Day comes to Florida
Posted by Andy on Sunday 24 August 03 @ 12:02PM

We're pleased to announce that Fray Day will make its debut in Florida this year. We'll gather Thursday, October 2, from 8 p.m. until midnight in the historic yet funky Stover Theatre on the campus of Stetson University.

Stetson is in DeLand, halfway between Orlando and Daytona Beach off of I-4, and not that far away from Gainesville and other places; the theatre is located right off 17-92/Woodland Blvd. To get here, follow the directions to the university, except after passing Minnesota and the main gate, turn left on University and navigate around the tennis courts to the grass parking lot in front of the theatre.

We hope many Floridians (and visitors) will make the trek. If you have any questions, please let me know.

By the way, Nancy Barber and I will be hosting the event, along with Poetry at an Uncouth Hour (the weekly open mic event sponsored by the university's literary magazine, Touchstone), and with the help of the Sullivan Endowment for Writing.

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