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spacer.gif spacer.gif Event Fray Day 7 Chicago
Sunday 5 October 2003, 7pm
The Noble Fool: 16 West Randolph
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Fray Day 8: Oct. - Dec.
Los Angeles, CA: Oct. 23
Grand Rapids, MI: Nov. 13

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Event News

Fray Rap up
Posted by tkeelan on Monday 13 October 03 @ 7:44AM

Chicago logs its first successful Fray Day!
Overall the evening went very well. We had some great stories and music. David Kodeski started up off with a story about family, farms and stuff I can't remember because we were just getting started. David was followed by Billy Lombardo who told a story about his 12 years old buddies and how a girls breast feels alot like the wind on your hand when you are riding in the car with your Dad.

Jason Pettis told a wild tale about bisexual threesomes! I would like to thank both Jason and my brother. Jason for a great story, and my brother for - BRINING MY MOTHER! to the show to the Jason's story. My 75 year old mother's comment. "Is that true?"

We also heard about racoons, substitute teaching, love letters, getting bitch slapped by a pimp on a Sunday afternoon, butt plugs that look like nerf footballs to Chinese girls, really good ghost stories.

It was a great evening. Thanks to all for participating and a special thanks to Sally Ann and the Noble Fool Theatre for helping to make it a reality.

My apologies to those who did not get to tell their story. I was a lousy time keeper - I promise a more ridgid schedule next time. Overall we did great, we had to fight against a Sunday night and the Cubs playing game 5.

Next year - a Saturday and a time Nazi as an MC.

Thanks Derek for all your help as well.


Music at the Fray - Robert Rial (Megaphone & all)
Posted by tkeelan on Sunday 5 October 03 @ 7:10AM

We have added one more star to the lineup. - Robert Rial will be sharing story and song.

Robert Rial is an actor, composer, singer-songwriter, and musician who plays guitar, bass, tenor guitar, 5-string banjo, tenor banjo, banjo mandolin, and more. He frequents the Chicago music scene frequently with his band Bakelite 78, is appearing this Christmas season with Tyler Bohne and Patrick Zielinski in A Hipmas Carol, and is always working on various new musical/theatre projects. Robert recently won a cash prize for best solo singer-songwriter in Chicago, and is currently hard at work on his second CD. Check him out at Bakelite 78.

Go Cubs!
Posted by tkeelan on Tuesday 30 September 03 @ 11:54AM

Alright, everybody get out and root for the Cubs to sweep or at least win in 4! Game 5 would be Sunday night. But .... Cubs or no Cubs - the Fray is on!

Start Time Correction - 7:00 PM
Posted by tkeelan on Tuesday 30 September 03 @ 11:51AM

Holy shit! Sally Ann just called to say all of our posters say the event is starting at 7:00 PM but he Fray website says 8:00. The answer is 7:00. Doors open at 7:00 the storytelling will get started around 7:30. Sorry for the screw up.

More Featured Performers!
Posted by tkeelan on Monday 29 September 03 @ 10:18AM   0 Comments

Chicago has rounded out the featured performers. Along with David Kokeski, Billy Lombardo, Elyzabeth Ashe we have Jason Pettus and Tyler Bohne. Updated bios's on everyone are below.

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Storytellers sign up ...
Posted by tkeelan on Thursday 18 September 03 @ 1:28PM

Chicago ... sign up for the open mic portion of the Fray Day. Send me an email at and we will put you on the list! Check out the performance guidelines first.

Featured Performers Announced...
Posted by tkeelan on Thursday 18 September 03 @ 1:18PM

David Kodeski, Billy Lombardo, Elyzabeth Ashe.... Fray Day 7 Chicago is shaping up! We have some great featured performers and more on the way.

Continue reading "Featured Performers Announced..." »

Fray Day Chicago @ the Noble Fool
Posted by tkeelan on Monday 28 July 03 @ 8:19PM

Fray Day 7 Chicago will be at the Noble Fool Theatre on Sunday, October 5th. The Noble Fool is located at 16 W Randolph, in the Loop.

We are just getting started so details regarding performers, tickets et all - to follow. Hope you can join us. Contact with questions or ideas.

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