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Kathy's Annual Ladies Luncheon

By Beth Lisick

The funniest piece of mail I get arrives in the first week in December.

Tony and I

I'll probably tell this story at his wedding, with one exception. I won't tell the real ending.

Baker Beach

It wasn't until I was 3,000 miles away that I could finally say good-bye to Mike.

Big Brother

My happy memories of my brother are, I suspect, not really my memories at all.

32,000 Feet

There's no off-ramp in sight and clouds obscure the view.

Beyond Broken Bay

It's a hell of a trip for six in a car, and Danielle hadn't been making things easy.

Pulling a Geographic

Sometimes nothing cures me better than to watch the world rush past from a train window.



By Derek Powazek

From 1991 to 2003, these gulf wars are the bookends of my generation.

The Drive-By

I'm floating above myself as I open the door and step out of the car.

I Left

All my friends did the traditional sobbing and email promising. All except one.


Amanda keeps talking, but I'm stuck thinking about books and the evil curse of wonderful memories.

Reality Check

The 24 line mixes the best and worst of San Francisco. I'd forgotten how unsettling it can be.


I fell in love with that sweet taste with the bite at the end.


At 14, I had a vague notion that I should be ashamed of being a virgin.


A Little Black Death

By Lance Arthur

Black widows were beautiful. And their bite could kill you.

Valentine's Day

How can I be both bitter and romantic at the same time?

Good Intentions

It was the kind of thing that keeps people home on election day. But not me.


Wow. This has never happened to me before. It kinda sucks.

I Voted

I did my civic duty. So why do I feel so dirty?

Remembering Sean

Eight years in the life of a pair of best friends.


Yes, I am bitter. But it's not my fault.

My New Neighborhood

Where I live the streets and the people are divided.

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