I have a friend who's getting married soon.

Strange, that. Tony's getting married.

We met in university about 13 years ago. We were the final two members of the Sub 150s (guys on our floor under 150 pounds at the end of the year), were roommates for two years and shared very jaded educational habits.

One such habit included waking up at the crack of mid-morning, watching Mr. Dressup and Sesame Street until noon then going to the cafeteria for a couple hours to shoot the shit with people who were between classes. We were doing the student body a greater service, filling our brains with factoids of Suliman the Magnificent, than we would have otherwise. We really were.

At about 2 or 3 we'd wander out into the daylight for a moment, to go back to the dorm. We'd play cards – Bidwisk was a favorite game, Axis and Allies or Risk another. Supper was 5 till whenever. Afterward, everyone took a siesta. The day for Tony and I really began after 7 in the evening. Up until dawn drinking and causing trouble, doing whatever you do to waste multiple semesters and thousands of dollars.