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Fray Day 8
October - December, 2004
The fray organization is devoted to the art of the personal story. We hold events where real people tell true stories in real time. And you're invited. Previously
Fray Cafe Austin 4
14 March 2004
Austin, TX
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Fray Day 8: Oct. - Dec.
Los Angeles, CA: Oct. 23
Grand Rapids, MI: Nov. 13

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March 2004

Fray Cafe Austin 4: Check out the photos!
Posted by Derek on Friday 26 March 04 @ 3:12PM

Meet your host, Ben Brown. (Photo by Rannie Turingan.) Annie Lin. (Photo by Rannie Turingan.) Jay Allen. (Photo by Rannie Turingan.) Scott Andrew rocked. (Photo by Rannie Turingan.) David Thomas. (Photo by Rannie Turingan.) John Styn. (Photo by Rannie Turingan.)

Thanks to our super amazing photographer Rannie Turingan for capturing the event in photos! Check 'em out!

Fray Cafe Austin 4: Great Show!
Posted by MichaelBrown on Tuesday 16 March 04 @ 7:02AM

We had a great show on Sunday. The weather was beautiful, the venue was perfect and the stories were exceptional. I want to thank our featured speakers, Lance Arthur, Kevin Smokler, and Jay Allen as well as our surprise speakers, Molly Steenson and John and Jim Styn. Thanks also to Annie Lin who, despite ending up in San Antonio by accident, made it in time and gave a beautiful performance. And Scott Andrew LePera was, as always, in excellent form. Of course, the show wouldn't have been possible without the help of Ben Brown. Thanks for sharing your mad MC skilz with us, Ben! And last but certainly not least, a double special thanks to all those who signed up for the open mic. Y'all were most excellent! See you next year!

Fray Cafe Austin 4: Smokin'!
Posted by MichaelBrown on Friday 12 March 04 @ 7:15AM

Kevin SmoklerSo how's this for a bit of good luck: I was having dinner at Threadgills last night with a group of early SXSW arrivals when on my way out I happened to run into the inestimable Kevin Smokler who was on his way in. I stopped and chatted with him for a minute, one thing led to another, and before I knew it he was agreeing to be a featured storyteller! I'm sure I don't need to tell you that Kevin is regular Fray contributor. In addition to having performed at many Fray Day events in San Francisco, Kevin has also performed at every single Fray Cafe in Austin so far. What a record! I'm absolutely delighted that our paths crossed last night and produced such a serendipitous outcome.

Welcome home, Kevin!

Fray Cafe Austin 4: The World According to Jay
Posted by MichaelBrown on Wednesday 10 March 04 @ 4:06PM

Jay AllenIf there's one man with stories to tell it's Jay Allen. Jay has been just about eveywhere in the world. I can only imagine the things he's seen. His passion for storytelling is second only to his passion for traveling. He is an old friend of Fray and we're ecstatic that he's stopped in Austin long enough to join us on Sunday. In the meantime, you can whet your whistle by reading some of his stories from the road and from home at

And don't forget, only four days to go! Sunday, March 14 at Red Eyed Fly. See you there!

Fray Cafe Austin 4: Welcome Back, Scott
Posted by MichaelBrown on Monday 1 March 04 @ 7:04PM

I'm very happy to announce that Scott Andrew LePera will be making his second Fray Cafe appearance in Austin this year! Scott lives in Seattle where he ekes out a schizoid existence as both a folk-damaged acoustic pop songwriter and web developer for His music and many writings on web development are posted at

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