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spacer.gif spacer.gif Event Fray Day 7 New Haven
Friday 3 October 2003, 7pm
Artspace: 50 Orange Street
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Fray Day 8: Oct. - Dec.
Los Angeles, CA: Oct. 23
Grand Rapids, MI: Nov. 13

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Event News

Rename our town NEW FRAYVEN!
Posted by Artspace on Tuesday 7 October 03 @ 2:21PM

I did not realize how much time I spend behind my MAC screen until I got on the phone with Derek in San Francisco 3 hours before our event. I felt the anti-social melting as we connected long distance over a project that attempts to rekindle the old orator traditions of communication. I always considered myself an earthy traditionalist. but it gets so easy to just hit the return key and dowse your thoughts across others screens by the thinking no feeling---little breathing. I work for an Alternative Weekly Newspaper with an average of 150,000 readers. I rarely even see who the people are that read my stories. Once we started talking about that- it stuck with me for the rest of the night.

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New Haven Features
Posted by Artspace on Monday 29 September 03 @ 12:24PM

We've got some great writers on the slate for Fray Day 7. Join us at ARTSPACE, 50 Orange St., New Haven, CT. Hosted by Jennifer Dauphinais, from the New Haven Advocate.

Featured storytellers:

Adrian Brune, (
Robert Noble, (
James Velvet, (
Ernst, from Oasis D'Neon Magazine
Craig Gilbert, (

Contact Jenn D :

Fray in New Haven
Posted by Rachel on Tuesday 29 July 03 @ 10:33AM

Artspace is excited to be officially hosting Fray Day 7 at our art gallery in New Haven, CT. We are seeking anyone who can help us get the word out to local participants and or volunteer in any way to help make this happen. If you're in the area, give us a call: (203) 772-2709. Just mention your interest to Fray Day to whoever answers!

Here's our deal: We're a nonprofit contemporary art gallery/alternative space. We have performances every Friday as part of our Sound Works series. So, Fray will happen on Friday October 3rd at 7PM. We are at 50 Orange Street - the corner of Orange and Crown. Impossible to miss.

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