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Saturday 4 October 2003, 8pm to midnight
The Escapist Bookstore: 2209 South First St #D, Austin, Texas
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Fray Day 8: Oct. - Dec.
Los Angeles, CA: Oct. 23
Grand Rapids, MI: Nov. 13

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Event News

Woot! Woot!
Posted by benbrown on Saturday 4 October 03 @ 10:47PM

Fray Day 7 Austin was a lovely and intimate event! We chilled out at the beautiful Escapist Booktique and told stories. Surprise! And then, a few of us retired to the house that Uber built to drink beers and stew in the hot tub, Texas style.

Pictures will come soon!

Long Time, No Blog!
Posted by benbrown on Monday 29 September 03 @ 7:35AM

Dear everyone,

It has been a long, hard road since the last time I blogged for you about the upcoming and very exciting Fray Day Austin 7 7 7! But here I am to tell you that things are still on schedule, rolling forward like a great big truck on it's way to Heaven, if your particular religion defines Heaven as a night of personal story telling.

We have featured speakers! Michael Brown! Kevin Newsum! Tim Thompson! Julie Pennington! And of course, your loving and attentive MC, Ben Brown!

Here is your homework assignment: Go get in the shower, wash off the stinky Austin dirt that covers your body, and think up a special story for Fray Day. It can be serious. It can be dark and mysterious. It can be hilarious. All we care about is that the adjective used to describe your story ends in -ious! Delicious!

I will blog again for you soon. And if I don't, I will see you on Saturday at 8pm at The Escapist Bookstore.

We's All Set!
Posted by benbrown on Wednesday 16 July 03 @ 11:57AM

We've booked the venue for Fray Day 7 Austin. We'll be rocking out at The Escapist Bookstore in South Austin. It's a fine, fine venue and it will make you weep with artistic satisfaction.

We'll be tellin' tales starting at 8pm on October 4.

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