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Fray is Us

We are real people with real names telling true stories. Here are all the wonderful contributors, in order of appearance.

Derek M. Powazek
Alexis Massie
Rebecca Eisenberg
Luke Seemann
Eric Rice
Drue Miller
Caterina Fake
Lance Arthur
Greg Knauss
Magdalena Donea
Adam Rakunas
Michelle Compton
James Toole
Michael Whitney
Matthew Conover
Susan Paulsen
Jennifer Lind
Magdalen Powers
William Hilf
Michael Woodward
Traci Vogel
Dave Housley
Shauna Wright
Gregory Alkaitis-Carafelli
Tarin Towers
Christian Cosas
Steven Champeon
Janelle Brown
Sarah Bruner
Christian Mogensen
Jason Kottke
John Halcyon Styn
Molly Steenson
Dori Mondon
Rachel Chalmers
Don Bruns
Christian Roselund
Caleb Clark
Amanda Erickson
Sam Brown

Rebecca Blood
Heather Champ
John Hodgman
David Hudson
Frank Kolodziej
Jessica Donohoe
Claire Robertson
Lance Anderson
Ben Brown
Mary T. Helmes
Grant Barrett
Karen Grünberg
Leslie Harpold
George Weld
Jason Levine
Redrick Deleon
Roe Bianculli-Taylor
Edward Klink
Anil Dash
Cameron Barrett
Jeffrey Zeldman
Susan Kath
David Drake
David Chien
Chris Livingston
Erik Benson
Kate Cunningham
Briana Bolger
Michael Cronin
Kevin Smokler
Margaret Berry
Lane Becker
Andre Torrez
Jay Allen
Geoffrey Long
Chris Bishop
Witold Riedel
Vincent Farquharson
Liz Miller
Skot Kurruk
Heather Armstrong
Susan McNeece
Beth Lisick
Zack Edwards
Vincent Eaton
Jon Pnim

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