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Saturday 22 October 05

Fray is on hiatus
Posted by Derek at 1:19PM

Fray began in September, 1996, with one simple idea: That the web was the ultimate conduit for personal storytelling. We saw a future web full of personal voices, where everyone has the power to tell their stories.

Nine years later, that's the web we have. Personal sites, homepages, and blogs are blooming like flowers on every topic imaginable. From the sublime to the silly, the beautiful to the banal, there are more personal voices on the web today than anyone ever could have imagined. Maybe we can take a tiny bit of credit for that.

But it's been a long haul. Fray's never made any money, and the stress of balancing this labor of love with the rest of work and life has taken its toll. I just don't have the time to keep the project moving forward anymore.

Plus, Fray was born in the early days of the web. Each story has been hand crafted and the technology that powers the posting is woefully out of date. To do Fray right means creating a whole new community framework, and that takes time.

So Fray is going on hiatus. There will be no new stories or events for a while, but the current site will remain accessible as an archive. Thanks to everyone who's contributed a story here over the years.

We still believe in the power of the personal story, and you can bet that Fray will be reborn to honor those stories again in the future. Until then, thanks for fraying with us. And whatever you do, keep telling your stories.

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