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Sunday 13 July 03

New in {fray}: The Lesson
Posted by Derek at 5:06PM

This month's story is a heavy tale of life lessons learned the hard way, and there's is no easy answer at the end. A tall order for a thousand words, but Vincent pulls it off with grace and subtlety. Check out the newest Fray story: The Lesson.

We've been working on the story behind the scenes here at Fray for over a year. Finding the right design to match story was a challenge. Then, a month ago, I found myself in a ghost town in Jerome, Arizona. The peeling paint of the broken down cars there proved the perfect inspiration.

Thanks to Vincent for his patience. And if there are any other Fray submitters in the audience, have hope. You never know when we might ring you up. Speaking of, we've revised our submission process. If you've ever thought of submitting a Fray story, take a look!

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