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fire lingam

{fire lingam}

By far the most exciting event at BM. The dancing, The Chanting, The Primal...

Nexist <nexist@hevanet.com>

{tongue} oh yes. watching the opera rehearsal in the afternoon and thinking (well, um, thinking it was kind of overblown and silly) but then refinding it later that night, fire licking out of the stacks and pounding drums and the elegant disintegration. helco's fire was more intense, more surprising and satisfying but this one had more grace. sunday morning's crumbled remains were frozen and beautiful against the dry dusty sky.

(hate to admit it, but this photo reminds me of an ad for "six flags"...)

drue <drue@vivid.com>

These people were total nuts.
The show started off a night of bizzare hilarity.

I wish I had a castle.

a <bitch@floozy.com>

Enchanting, spectacular and perfectly executed. This will stay with me for a long time.

gary burns <garyb@four11.com>

This was the night that I finally understood what it meant to become a part of another's experience in a very non-mutual way.

rebecca e <rebecca@cyborganic.com>

I came across the castle just before the opera began, as the three hits of LSD slowly maximized the world around me exponentially. About half way in, I had this overwhelming desire to undress and leap into the middle of the madness, and wrench that massive metal box from whoever was carrying it. The opera accessed a primitive part of my brain that I don't completely comprehend.

That trace was somewhat broken when everyone started chanting that line from The Crow. I think if the opera were mine I'd have kept English out of it.

What was with the guy with the dog?


Vagabond Jim <jim@vagabondage.com>

The night before the opera we were galloping across the playa from Lost Vegas to Mudhenge (or somewhere) and we almost stepped right on top of a couple having sex in the shadows of the haybales surrounding the castle! They just looked up at us cowering in fear...


Lyrics from the soundtrack: "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" (repeat) ... i paid close attention and figured them out.

shawn <shawn@livingbooks.com>

If you're wondering who the guy was who ran into the middle of the pagan opera, flung off his shirt, tossed it in the fire, and began to mambo violently... His name is Scott Johnson. My question is: Over a thousand people were circled around that flaming castle and only one guy joined in?!? Whats up with that?

El Heffe <jeffm@eccompany.com>

Fire Tonight, Devil's Delight! Fire Tonight, Devil's Delight! Fire Tonight, Devil's Delight!

John Arrasjid <johna@webnexus.com>

...and all along I thought I was supposed to be singing "fire tonight, chicken delight". I'll work on it for next year.

tripped <trip.allen@nike.com>

Three cheers for Flash who fed all the people who helped Pepe build the beast!


The Towers of Dis were magnificent. I stopped there several times, seeing it in different stages of completion and finding people meditating in different parts of the structure. The Opera was stunning, unparalleled! When I make my first million and want to build a castle, I'll call Pepe.

Pat <pathardy@well.com>

Mine was being in the production, worried to death I would mess up my choreagraphy (not even worried about the physical danger -- folks, we had not done a full dress rehearsal, *ever*, let alone at night with fire and confusion) and doing so. I was one of the insect-headed demons wandering around wondering what to do after I'd become separated from the main group (like at a school field trip) with an enormous sensation of relief. At least it was over. Afterwards I heard lots of people say, without solicitation, that the opera was great and almost had a coronary at the "chicken tonight, drumsticks delight" gag. Truth to tell the performance was almost emotionless for me. I was so, er.... *burnt out* on worry that my biggest response was afterwards. About audience participation, well, the dog was there to keep people away, I think (no explicitly mentioned this). The towers, when they began to burn, might have fallen down outwards and crashed on people, so there was supposed to be a periphery of safety so that if that happened no-one would be roasted. Actually I think in the event people went pretty near the towers anyway and no-one died. Oh, one of the demon heads looked remarkly like Nixon as it burned. (The tongue being the nose.)

Kirtz <bizarro@juno.com>



Now, I understand.

Mikey <mkbrooks@popmail.leapnet.com>

I mean REALLY.

mikey <mkbrooks@popmail.leapnet.com>

for the last three years, the perfomances based on the fire lingams have been the most moving and disturbing. this year with the opera and the Dante's inferno theme was the best yet. really got me thinking about my soul.

rockey <rockey@hooked.net>

Magical delirious ecstasy. I had been up for at least two days with just a nap or two somewhere on the playaŚno drugs besides the natural one the experience was producing in my body. The dancing, drumming, flaming performance was very powerful viewed from the half conscious state of my delirium after 2 Ż days of life on the playa. The flames shooting up the towers and through the mouths of the goblins while the drums roared and waves of bodies moving are vivid and clear images, that I own and never want to give up. Memories, the only thing one can truly own are the gems of life! More precious than diamonds! Many Thanks to the Man and all the loving helpers!

Paul <Pdejong999@aol.com>

Startin' to feel the shrooms....Oh my god this is really sinister...that horrible laughter

I'm getting scared.....wait a minute.

I'm laughing...harder and harder, people around me seem to be getting pulled into this deep dark place, but I'm enjoying this so much I'm Laughing like there's no tommorow!

My friend and I ride off into the desert with the HAHAHAHAHAHAHOHOHOHOHOHEHEHEHAHAHAS" ringing in our ears.

After that- a brief UFO encounter on our way out to the RAVES!

Ah,now that's livin'

Cory <wm@ITV.Net>

By far the most exciting time at the man. A MUST SEE for one and all. Wild and fun and did you see that guy run in and throw his shirt into the fire and then danced around a bit before running back into the crowd..... FUN STUFF !!!


{burning the man}