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who's performing

{who's performing}

One of the things that I really enjoyed about Burning Man was that it was never clear who was performing for whom.

Derek M. Powazek

dangling things were everywhere, dangling, bobbing bouncing things, grapelike, plumlike, peachlike floppy gentle fruitlike things

trina <caterina@organic.com>

{painted girl} I loved how those who thought they were "spectators" were actually entertainment for the "performers".

Nexist [DAR] <nexist@hevanet.com>

Serpent creature... I have a nighttime photo of you at the Mudhenge burn. The black/red paint cracked and weathered from the desert rollicking. Who are you? Would you like for me to send you a print?

trip allen <trip.allen@nike.com>

Didn't we all perform? Wasn't this the longest biggest wildest peice of Performance Art ever? Burning Man was the best... notice the past tense. 1999, see you then .


FIRST DAY: I am spray painting little monsters onto the PLAYA, and a woman asks me if I want to be painted. "Of course, I thought noone would ever ask!"

Continue painting, and LIZARD MAN begs me not to, because it'll wreak the desert floor. [we experimented and discovered it brushed right up]

AFTER THAT: Danger Twenty Foot MAn, annoying or funny? FUNNY.

AFTER THAT: Punk band two doors down, annoying or the most weirdest serious buncha freaks making (music?) I ever watched. (one singer was the one who came over and painted us). They played Auto hoods, Tibetian horn-things, electric guitars, and Trunks in all seriousness.

REALLY LIKED: That one dude I came across, who beat a stuffed seal to a "bloody" pulp. He looked more like a University professor than anyone else there, buit he had a lot going on inside his head, besides, say lectures on Milton.

I STILL WANT TO: play another room full of pianos.

Mike <mkbrooks@popmail.leapnet.com>

this year, you were what you wore. I tripped on peoples reactions to me by wearing something totally different each day and experiencing the results in peoples attitudes.

rockey <rockey@hooked.net>

When i perform i do not know who i am.

filo <filobedo@bonejangler.om>

So I have seen the apocolyse and it isn't that bad. A litte dry, a little dusty, but pretty friendly overall.

Ed Flynn <Flynned@fcb.com>

My old friend Gene and I where landsailing the dry lake bed and we come across this group of peaple setting up a large camp called Burning Man . THis was the week before Burning Man and these Peaple where the set up group about a 100 souls. WE had a great time that day and Gene and I will be at Burning Man 1997 . See Ya Gary +Gene +All

Gary <ghailey1@pacbell.net>

{burning the man}