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speed trapped

{speed trapped}

This guy was waiting for us in Story County, on the road to the nearest dump to Burning Man.

I'm sure he did a lot of business that day.

Derek M. Powazek

*I* got stopped by that same guy! Why the hell did they make the speed limit 20 right there?

dean moses <moses@hotwired.com>

i know well in my heart that one does not speed in nevada... especially if one is holding. i did not even need to see that dude.

of course, when we got there, the dump had just closed. but i saw the same cop, bulling over other bman folx

rocky <caliban@organic.com>

i *swear* his lights were on before we came around the bend...

drue <drue@vivid.com>

On our way up, there was a cop standing in the road, waving cars to the side. We had been going 70 in a 55, as had the other two cars. He went from one to the other giving tickets. He then wished us a good time at BM.

Nexist [DAR] <nexist@hevanet.com>

I remember the paranoia at the beginning of the trip and the almost ritualistic way we went about hiding all of the chemicals we were bringing along.

Nevada's a bad state talk to police officers about the mind expanding powers of hallucinogens!


Vagabond Jim <jim@vagabondage.com>

Fargin bastidge! Jitney johnlaw, jawwin his jellydonut, java in jointsegmented jarvis. Jammy radarbands, transmission in obscure frequencies "beep" and "kraaak" and "click" emitted from my heatseeker. Meeker now. And how. Tix cost, green lost. Twenty? It'll cost ya sixty now, twice that in the round before the hanger. He'll hoosegow you fast, life won't last. Roy Bean's past. Lily Langtry, sees you swing from hang-tree. egg under the pedal. so goes your mettle.

sean <beadhead@webspan.net>

...and I spied that guy, the Burning Man, the Burning Man...and watched as he shot that poor cop...that Burning Man that Burning Man....

LUSTER <mykey4u@unm.edu>

55... 45... 35... 25... 15?!? Ah, the joys of Hwy 447, with towns like "Nixon", "Little Nixon", and more speedtraps than you can shake a donut at. Both on the way in and out, the "convoys" I fell in with kept it right on the limit, much to the frustration of the countless cruisers and cycle cops we passed. And though was in no danger of being ticketed I was still glad I had brought my radar detector - Watching it light up and bleat as we crested each hill or downshifted into Empire made for an awfully amusing way to pass the time. No one I knew got a ticket, but my little detector got more (non false) alerts on those two days than it's probably ever registered anywhere before. Too surreal. I really couldn't stop laughing.

AaronMu <aaronm@dnai.com>

The sheriff's depts (Pershing, Wausha & Humbolt) were great - even the narc officers were cool. They helped out so much. The NHP...well...they were out to make a buck or two.


I drove in a most orderly fashion after paying my $160 fine from last year. There's no way they will cancel BM next year -- the state of Nevada is making a fucking fortune off of the speeding tickets!

fiona <fiona@unr.edu>

Gosh, I drove hwy 50 thru mucho minitowns & saw nary a fuzz along the way. Guess my good luck duck worked.

Dog Boy NW <none@right.now>

After reading dire warnings of speed traps, roadblocks, and the like, my fears were unrealized... True, we came from the north. True, we came at 2am... On the whole trip from Seattle, I only recall a few swiney moments...

Otto Increment <tyrell@halcyon.com>

go wednesday or thursday, no traffic, no cops. got a fixit for tailight 2 years ago outside of nixon at 1:00am fri.! $75 for a tailight! If you gotta go on fri. be good, don't break ANY laws no matter how harmless it seems, make sure you can pass a safety inspection.

rockey <rockey@hooked.net>

Here's a hint for next year in case you are worrying about getting caught for speeding. Take the back desert roads! We were doing around 60-80 miles and hour on the gravel desert roads heading from susanville, CA. What a blast! Especially in a rented Ford escort. There was a point when we thought we were lost in the desert after about 1 1/2 hours of driving and seeing nothing. But if you keep your eyese peeled there is a litte green sign pointing to gerlach. Fuul speed ahead.

Ed Flynn <Flynned@FCB.com>

Goddamm...I usually get out of these things since I'm fem. and Ridin' a bike but untill next years burning '...I'm not paying the whole $ I'm proud to say "I'M WANTED IN NEVADA.."

Cory <WM@ITV.Net>

We came down from Idaho over the crappy-ass county road from Winnemucca. There were three VERY large range fires surrounding Winnemucca...the only side open was in the direction of Gerlach. No police...no speed traps...no people altogether. It was frightening. Yes, the back road struggle is the best.

Richard Wright <rwright@pcsedu.com>

We learned our first year, after being pulled over with about 5 other vehicles, Watch that speed limit inside the NV state lines. .

Dave <Kilmore@ix.netcom.com>

{burning the man}