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water woman

{water woman}

I did not bathe under the water woman, but I did admire her from afar.

Derek M. Powazek

the keeper of the waterwoman told us "no", "she's the only thing that isn't going to burn." why? it was all wood, made carefully, but certainly better to burm than disassemble and keep? they were just being lazy- not building another for next year. suddenly a guy walked out of the darkness with a big plastic wastebucket and set it in the bonfire burning in front of her. the keeper of the woman yelled "no not plastic!" what a jerk. SOMEtimes you can burn plastic. like now. he burned it anyway.

glen <glen@glen.org>

Well, ok it wasn't the water woman - it was the mudwrestling, but the mudwrestling was really close to the waterwoman. I was sitting in the Smut Shack one day and a woman from Leeds (UK) sat down. She proceeded to tell me many wonderful things about herself - we hit it off and challenged each other to a mudwrestle the next day. When I got to the pit, it was full of naked mudcaked bodies. Oh Joy. My first impression was that everyone would be rolling around in the muck like orgasmic pigs, but I soon found out it was a one-on-one and that everyone else was going to be watching. Performance anxiety set in but I figured - what the hell - it's Burning Man. Ronnie and I turned our names in for the show down. We were up right after the dykes with the rubber schlongs hanging out of their boxers. How could we follow up such a ballsy show? Gulp. Well we managed to put up a fight that always ended in lots of slipping and sliding and, well, maybe a little squishing and kissing. The judges gave me the first round but Ronnie stold the second two - hey she played dirty - pulled my hair she did. I ended up pinned to the ground by her forearm - then she proceeded to push me into the mud with her foot while she claimed her victory title. So I lost, oh well, I got a free shower out of it. I decided that naked mudwrestling is one hell of a way to meet someone, and I recommend it heartily.

julie petersen <julie@awaken.org>

Julie: Ah yes, a magnificent struggle for victory. (I was in the pit at the time.) Your performance was excellent, and not a hint of stage fright! Yes, the mud pit had to be one of my favorite spots. The dried mud worked great as suntan lotion, although there was some difficulty when it came to MOVING...

Kai <kai@jedi.net>

"There she stood, beautiful and magnficent.... I wanted her kiss as much as she wanted my touch, but neither one of willing to sacrifice our own existence....so she wept and let her tears bless those who would bathe in them and I... well I danced in my own flames and the bathed my pain in the blood of stranges." ---The the charred remains of Burning Man's journals

LUXOR <myky4u@unm.edu>

the mud pit taught me that i really am not as ashamed of my body as i thought i was.

which is a good thing.

rebecca e <rebecca@cyborganic.net>

she pissed on me


She inspired my primative male power.

bicknese <bicknese@eden.rutgers.edu>

I wish I had been there to get wet on by the waterwoman. Golden showers with clear water is a nice compromise on a common fantasy.

surfer <surfer@radionet.com>

At BM '95, the creator of Water Woman said to me, "I couldn't have dreamed up a better way to have dozens of beautiful women get naked in front of me." Almost a creepy sentiment, but I don't think he meant it that way.

Bill <bill_emmack@mail.gmosf.com>

Afterwatching the glorious enflamatory celebration symbolizing the fall of the technologi- cal patriarchy we live in, I was enthralled by the outpouring of emotion and hence the showering by waterwoman. That night she was guard- ed by a handfull of people myself included to protect her from penetration by the destructive yet cleansing element of fire until the time was right for her physical form to be banished.

Allison Froehlich Moore <allisone@best.com>

camped right next to mudhenge and waterwoman. one of the most entertaining people watching spots in camp what with the mud pit and showers too. when my feet were aching from walking all over camp, camp would then walk by me.

rockey <rockey@hooked.net>

Water Woman came to me when I thought why doesn`t anyone have a shower out in the Blackrock? Then it hit me. Make a woman goddess that sprays water, to contrast Burning Man who is of fire. The woman of water is a needed goddess to clean the dried and dusty bodies so they could cleanse the negatives in their body and mind. More importantly to show that there is nothing more inspiring than the freedom to create at the best festival in the world. For those who stayed up till dawn with us to protect WW from the uninvited low ends, I personally would like to thank you for your courage and loyalty. WW stood up to the fire breathing machine and a mob of stoners one of which(we have on video) threw a burning 2x4 that WW blocked from maybe hurting someone. WW also was the last remaining landmark to guide people back to their camps. She was giving many people showers the next day and most importantly symbolized hope as the first art piece not to burn, but to watch over her people. This was a moving event for myself and many others who told me it made them feel good to see WW still standing the next day. Look forward to a docu-drama video in the fall of 97 that will wet your world. We will be casting dancers in the spring and plan a WW festival of our own in the future.

Ray Cirino creator of WW

I felt that she should be right up there next to the BM. They are partners. It was a hot day in '95 when I met her. I was refreshed in her waters just as I am when I make love with my woman. Bill

bill leikam <pprm60a@prodigy.com>

I personally collected all of the waterwoman 'run-off sludge' in 55 gal drums. Samples are for sale at our URL. Buzz by sometime!

Chuck Cirino - brother to creator of WW <Cirino@primenet.com>

"No, sometimes it's not OK to burn plastic."

I was the guardian of Water Woman... one of many that night. How I had that title thrust upon me by fate is another story entirely. We chose not to burn her that night, not because we were "lazy", but because we wanted for the all people who would be left behind to salvage, clean, and restore the playa to have an oasis in the blistering heat. Some people didn't understand that. Some people didn't care what they burned.

I stayed up all night, talking with the wanderers who came and sat by the fire. Everyone had their own origin, their own destination, their own story to tell.

Just before the sunrise, one of the Burning Man rangers came by and started collecting up the ashes. He complained about the people who were trashing they playa, digging holes, patching out on the mud flats, and, yes, burning plastic. It was supposed to be a zero-impact event, he said. Some people just didn't seem to understand what that meant.

As we all know, Burning Man has now been kicked off the playa for two years for environmental impact. I hope we can find a new home.

So maybe I was being a jerk. But sometimes it's still not OK to burn plastic.

Eric <EricT24402@aol.com>

Upon completion, the Angel's were giggling, however jealous of their creation. First Face: "The Waterwoman will protect the city from twisted strands of lightning. Making the world a little less frightning." Second Face: "Yes, so luninous her face and brow, the sight of her blinds me now." First: "Yes, let's leave her be. For she is more beautiful than me." Second Face: "Yes, let's go!" (they stay)

DDeublein <DDeublein@aol.com>

{burning the man}