{the man}

What was going on?

How did you feel?

What did you learn?

{burning the man - by derek m. powazek and you}

It was my first time.

And after the last minute decisions, the faulty bike racks, the speed traps, the sunstroke, the emergency tows and the playa dust ... I wound up with an experience that I couldn't easily define.

So I left that to you.

See, the point of Burning Man, I'm told, is that there are no observers, only participants. So it didn't make much sense for me to just toss my photos out into the ether for you. That's too passive. The Man would not approve.

So, instead, it was up to you to tell the story. Below are thumbnails of the photos I took. On each page is the collected experiences of the participants of Burning Man 1996.

The posting areas are closed now (as of 8.23.97) because, well, it's been a year and now we have Burning Man 1997 to talk about.

Together we told the story the way it needed to be told. Thank you.

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