[letters from the fray]

    Hey Sameet --

    Things here are wild.

    HotWired just moved to a new building, so it's all been crazy. Packing and unpacking. Fire alarms. Lost computers. Crazy.

    Listen man, I am no longer speaking to the boys. They fucked me hard - took all my work on Tweak and edged me out. I feel raped by them and it will be a long time before I can forgive them. The worst part is, I miss Grif terribly.

    So I'm starting fray.com as a way of recovering from that whole fiasco and to have an artistic outlet. I got involved in this whole web thing in the first place because I believed that it could connect people together and tell their stories in a wholly new way. I still believe that. But I've seen it go terribly wrong. I've seen what this industry does to people. And, somehow, I can't help wanting to do it. Better than the last time.

    So that's my life.

    Write something for me - just a thought or two - and send me a photo. Join the fray.

    And get your ass to San Francisco. Soon.

    Big love,

    -- D