{ fray day 3 }

Where are you today?

Today I'm sitting in a room, in a city that I would not want to be in under any circumstances, feeling lonely.

Today I finally realized that I push people away to the very ends of the earth in order not to feel emotion ... on purpose.

Today I shed tears long building up, tears I never knew that I had.

But today I start again, another moment in time for me, which I shed the old skin and slide into the new one. I've done this too many times to count anymore, but I know that, this time ... it ... will ... be ... different.

Andrea {nychick@chickmail.com}


i sit an hour and a half away from san francisco. i've been waiting months to celebrate with the Fray ...

Dex is playing an electric mandolin over my shoulder..

my cats are meowing like crazy...

i've found friends and lovers and enemies via this digital medium over the past years...

tonight i sit and share in real life stories i usually view in pixels.

thank you to everyone at fray.com for giving us your view.


courtney {courtney@latitude11.com}

I'm right down the street from where the fray day party will be held. Unfortunately I'm at work, so I can't go. I dislike this job. Here are a few samples of what I hear all day long: "I can't get my email. I'm experiencing packet loss. I have a flashing red power sync. Netscape is unable to create a network socket connection. etc."

I'm here and the fray party is just down the street. I'm unhappy about that because I'll be listening to problems all night long while no more than a few blocks away stories are being told and songs are being sung. When this job is over I'll never work a tech support job as long as I live.

Shand {shandjw@yahoo.com}


I am not in San Francisco. And I deeply regret it. I hope I'll be there for Fray day 4...


I'm sitting at my PC in Dublin, Ireland. There's a storm kicking up outside, the wind is between 60 and 70 MPH outside - we're getting the effects of Hurricane Floyd, all the way over here!

I wish I could be at {fray} day 3. But I'm thousands of miles away. At least I can console myself with the fact I can hear what is happening via audio, and that I met the master of the {fray}, Derek P, when he stopped by in Dublin a few weeks back.

Happy birthday {fray}, have a drink on me!

Tom Cosgrave {tom@tomcosgrave.com}


I'm in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, I've just been accused of stealing Derek's homepage design by someone who blatantly copied mine. I wonder what time is 8 pm in San Francisco.

I'm 36 years old and I've just come back from a party at a friend's, realising once again that I'm no party animal. Never have been.

But I know I'd like Fray Day.


I ran 14 East Los Angeles County miles this morning. After making a wisecrack, my friend from Morro Bay told me that he'd have to take me up to San Francisco sometime. We'd have fun. Then I remembered fray day, a good excuse to go to SF. Not happening today, unfortunately.

Today, Derek, I'm keeping it real in Claremont for you.

Adam {grinning@youmom.com}


I'm in Redwood City and I'm being a person who works on the weekends. What a sap. I never wanted to be a person who works on the weekends. I never liked those people. Like the sulky guys I see wandering and lurking around the dark hallways on saturday morning looking for the other sulky guys around here with ridiculous deadlines so they can commiserate. Programmers, artists and testers. Poor saps. Testers who have to walk 45 minutes from the train station because buses all the way out here on the weekends. Artists so overworked they forgot why they loved being an artist. Programmers so burned out they can only smoke two packs a day when they really need at least three.

I am a poor sap today.

I am in Redwood City today.

Francisco {ca_francisco@yahoo.com}

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