Geek: True stories of people taking things too seriously.

Issue 2 is 60 pages of true stories, interviews, and original art, printed in full color on high quality 8.5x11 paper. This issue includes a special pull-out poster. Don’t miss it!

“Deliciously humorous and entertaining as well as educational, Fray sates the hunger for a good story.”
– Utne Reader's 2008 Altnerative Press Gift Guide

“The offbeat articles and engaging interviews will keep you amused and the original artwork is a great way to find a new sources of inspiration.”
– Cool Hunting

“This is the future of the print magazine: once the profits have all migrated elsewhere, people will still publish on paper. But they’ll do it for their own damn reasons.”
– Scott Rosenberg

Issue 2 has 60 pages of stories, interviews, and artwork, including:

Secret Keeper Frank Warren is obsessed with secrets. He receives more than a thousand a week. Football Fixation Bob Hyldburg is the biggest single-team geek following professional sports in America. Here’s how he got that way. Hormones and Celluloid As I sucked the plasma from her jugular, I realized that something embarrassing was happening a few feet lower. The Cult of Colbert Making a pilgrimage to Washington DC to visit the Nation. Confessions of a Professional Fire-Eater I’d tried bungee jumping, motorcycle riding, and stunt driving. But it was fire-eating that turned me into a fearless badass. Dig, Poop, and Roll I discovered what may have been the banana peel on the slippery slope between animal lover and freaky fetishist. One Rail to Rule Them All In the backyard of a suburban home in Fremont, California, is the Niles Monorail. It has one stop: the house of Kim Pedersen. The Doctor Is In I could be at a quilting fair and inevitably I would be standing with my back pressed against some batting, discussing the finer points of someone’s sex life. Nerdkore Painting The dramatic chipmunk, the Star Wars Kid, Mentos in Diet Coke ... Jeremiah Palecek has painted them all. The Really Real World It took the cast and crew a good minute to realize something was wrong. He wasn’t getting up. Pocket Pride Our house in New Orleans had 7 feet of water, but the pocket protector collection survived. Windhammer When my name finally rang out, I realized why my preparation had been so casual: I wouldn’t be the one performing. Now They’re Sixty Four All aboard the “Magical Mystery Tour” en route from London to Liverpool. Stormtroopers in Love Red and Jonny bought their first Stormtrooper helmet on their honeymoon, and haven’t stopped taking photos ever since. Memories of a Fickle God An aquarist is a sort of God. And at first, I was a loving deity. The Poo Rooster And other chicken-related items my mother collects.

Other stories geek out over Dracula, pillowfights, Star Wars, vinyl records, musical theater, fire-eating, Stephen Colbert, bridal magazines, secrets, and football. Cover illustration by Clark Wimberly.