{ disposable lives }


My mother was a traveling salesman.

Okay, she wasn't really a traveling salesman. She was a salesman. She was, excuse me, "in sales." But she was so incredibly good at it that she was relocated every other year or so and I started to think of her that way. As a traveling salesman. A yuppie hobo.

That was my childhood ... forever hanging off the stick of a yuppie hobo.


My name is Alexis but I remember when people used to call me Lex. I also remember when they called me Alex. And there was that brief period when they called me Lexi.

But now Alexis is all the rage ... it's such a popular name these days that strangers actually know how to spell it, that it starts with an A and not an E, and they are less inclined to shorten it than they used to be.

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